Winter Anime 2024 Season: Top 15 Anime to air in January

The 2024 anime season is here, and so many amazing anime series will air this year in January. You have a lot of watching to do, and we are here to inform you of what anime series to watch, their release dates, and where you can watch them.

With the incredible 2023 anime season coming to an end, 2024 is here and packed with new series, sequels, and movies.

Whether you’re an anime fan or just a newbie in the world of Japanese animation, this list can do wonders for you.

New anime series like Solo Leveling, Dragon Ball Daima, Kaijo No. 8, and more are confirmed to air in 2024. So this year is again going to be a very exciting and memorable one for the world of anime

Note: All of the release dates on this list are confirmed, and we also tell you where you can watch these anime series.

Of course, there are many more series to choose from, but we will include these in a different post. This is because some anime series have not yet been confirmed to air in January 2024. When more new 2024 anime get announced and confirmed, then the list will increase.

The order of this list will be alphabetically and also based on the date. Enjoy reading, and choose a new anime series to start the year.

So, make sure to mark your calendars, and let’s start the 2024 anime winter season with our top 15 picks for January 2024!

15. Classroom of the Elite Season 3


You can now stream Classroom of the Elite Season 3 starting January 3 on Crunchyroll. This famous anime series is from the light novel by Shōgo Kinugasa, and it follows Kiyotaka Ayanokoji and the students from an elite high school.

However, this school stands out from others as it assigns the students’ social status based on their collective performance in class tests.

Classroom of the Elite Season 2 continues the intense rivalries among the students from the elite school. But now more students are unraveling their hidden agendas and schemes against others. More mysteries remain unsolved, with Ayanokoji secretly being the master who pulls the strings from the shadows.

Classroom of the Elite Season 3 continues with more characters, and it explores their deeper thoughts about the school.

Make sure to be ready for compelling plot twists and the peak intelligence displayed by Ayanokoji!

Release Date: January 3

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

14. Ishura

The Winter Anime Season of 2024 continues with Ashura. The story of a team of superhuman warriors who used to fight together against a demon king and are now fighting each other to find out who’s the strongest among them.

So now a new era emerges where warriors battle against each other to find out who stands above all. We follow the story of Shuras, a boy who is transported from another world to this supernatural world.

Shuras is a superhuman, strong swordsman who goes on an adventure in this world to look for opponents worthy of fighting. His tremendous strength and swordsmanship skills make it hard for him to find a worthy opponent.

However, he has to overcome challenges to earn the title of “true hero” by winning the ultimate battle.

Release Date: January 3

Where to watch: Disney+

13. Delicious in Dungeon


Delicious in Dungeon is one of the highly anticipated anime series of 2024 on Netflix. All of the episodes will be released on Netflix, making it available for people to watch worldwide.

An unhinged magician drops the Golden Kingdom, driving the king to promise riches to anyone capable of defeating him. Guilds pursue this, but tragedy strikes Laios’ group when a dragon annihilates them, including his sister Falin. Despite this, Laios, Marcille, and Chilchuck return to save her.

They enter the dungeon together, filled with food and great dangers. The leader, Laios, suggests that the group has to eat the dungeon monsters to gather supplies quickly. Dungeon adventurers are not allowed to do this, and it is considered taboo.

So now this interesting group from the guild goes on a journey into the dungeon together to save Falin.

The first episode of this winter anime series already scored an 8.7 on IMDb
Release Date: January 4

Where to watch: Netflix

12. Frieren Beyond Journey’s End Part 2


Frieren Beyond Journey’s End currently ranks #1 on the MyAnimelist top anime list, so you better believe this series is epic. The anime 2024 season continues with the story of Frieren. After the Demon King has been defeated during a decade-long quest, the members of the hero’s party finally return home.

The journey of the mage Frieren, the hero Himmel, and the warrior Eisen comes to an end, and they bid each other farewell. But as time passes, Frieren realizes how much these precious moments mean to her. But since Frieren is an elf, the passing of time affects her differently.

So as she lives thousands of years, she witnesses her comrades pass away after each other. Frieren did take these moments for granted, and she regrets this.

So now she vows to understand humans better and form deeper connections with the new people she meets. Her journey came to an end, but a new story is about to begin.

Release Date: January 5

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

11. The Demon Prince of Momochi House

The -Demon -Prince of Momochi-House-anime

In terms of an anime series with cool animation on Crunchyroll, The Demon Prince of Momochi House fits the criteria.

On her 16th birthday, Himari Momochi inherits the “Momochi House,” her only connection to her real family. Disregarding haunted rumors, she encounters Aoi Nanamori and his companions squatting there.

Youkai attacks Himari, revealing that the house straddles the living and spirit realms. Aoi, the house’s guardian, was meant to be Himari’s replacement.

Trapped in the mansion, he urges her to depart, but she vows to aid him in breaking the housebound curse, choosing to live by his side. This anime series promises to be full of plot twists, so pay close attention

Release Date: January 5

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

10. Blue Excorsist Season 3


Blue Exorcist Season 3 is finally back with a new season in 2024 after nearly seven years since 2017’s Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga. This new season follows Rin Okumura and the Shimane Illuminati Saga from the manga. Rin Okumura is the half-devil, half-human son of the demon king Satan. But Rin wants to become a strong exorcist to kill demons.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 adapts volumes 10–15 from the original manga, and all of the voice actors from previous seasons will return. Animation studio VOLN is responsible for the anime adaptations, and Toshiya Ōno is in charge of the series scriptwriter.

Release Date: January 6

Where to watch: Aniplex

9. Kingdom Season 5


The fifth season of the anime series Kingdom adapts the manga from Chapter 441 and is one of the most hyped anime of 2024. Many anime fans became excited after hearing the news after the previous series received lots of criticism. But this means that the anime Kingdom will be worthwhile to watch, as it has a lot to prove.

Shin and Hyou are war orphans and reside in the kingdom of Qin. Both dream of proving themselves worthy in battle until Hyou one day get captured by a minister.

He does manage to escape and return to Qin, but he is in really bad condition. Afterward, Shin meets a mysterious youngster who resembles Hyou a lot—someone who can become emperor one day!

Release Date: January 6

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

8. Mashle: Magic and Muscles Season 2


After the completion of the Mashle manga in July 2023, the anime adaptations of the series will continue in 2024! The next arc that we will see in this upcoming anime is the Divine Visionary Selection Exam arc.

After the success of the first season with the Easton Enrollment Arc and the Magia Lupus Arc, this new season promises to be epic as well. The new Execution arc is a rather short story, but it builds up to the more intense Divine Visionary Selection arc.

More characters will be seen at the school of Prefects, and Mash continues to explore the darker secrets behind magic.

Just give Mash some cream puffs, and you will become his new friend!

Release Date: January 6

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

7. Solo Leveling


Solo Leveling, a massively popular Webtoon, is making its long-awaited anime debut, stirring high expectations among fans. The series, capturing immense fandom, traces a character’s transformation from weakness to godlike prowess, tackling every threat. Its anime adaptation, undertaken by the studio behind Sword Art Online, faces scrutiny given the hit-or-miss history of webcomic adaptations.

While most yearly anime hail from famous Japanese manga, there’s a gradual shift towards adapting successful South Korean manhwa and webcomics

. Chugong’s Solo Leveling stands as one of South Korea’s triumphs, poised for equal success in Crunchyroll’s anime adaptation.

Set in a fantasy realm of warriors, dungeons, and hierarchical monsters, it introduces Sung Jin-woo, an E-Rank hunter who, surviving a fatal dungeon, gains unparalleled power, propelling him towards becoming one of the world’s mightiest.

Probably one of the most anticipated anime in 2024, it draws both fantasy genre veterans and newcomers, promising a unique anime experience.

Release Date: January 6

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

6. The Dangers In My Heart Season 2


Adapted from Norio Sakurai’s manga, “The Dangers in My Heart” is helmed by director Hiroaki Akagi from studio Shin-Ei Animation. The series’ creative team includes Jukki Hanada for series composition, Masato Katsumata for character designs, and Kensuke Ushio handling the music.

Seven Seas Entertainment, responsible for the manga’s English publication, follows this story:

Kyotaro Ichikawa, a boy navigating the lowest rung of his school’s social hierarchy, believes he’s the tortured lead in a psychological thriller.

He daydreams about disrupting his classmates’ lives and admires Anna Yamada, the class idol. However, Kyotaro isn’t as troubled as he seems—and it turns out Anna’s a bit peculiar herself!

Release Date: January 6

Where to watch: HIDIVE

5. One Piece: Egghead arc


This arc from One Piece is one of the highly anticipated anime series of 2024, especially for One Piece fans.

The eleventh arc, known as the Egghead arc, also signals the beginning of the final saga in the One Piece series. Following the extensive Wano arc, fans eagerly awaited a new storyline, finding the Egghead Island arc a refreshing change of pace.

The arc’s start date aligns with the necessary material preceding it. Furthermore, the trailer excellently teases the arc’s aesthetic, hinting at a promising adaptation likely to be one of the anime’s finest. E

Even the animators who adapted the Wano arc from last year tell everyone that this arc will look even more epic

The Egghead Island arc promises to be the largest in One Piece, unveiling long-held mysteries and delivering revelations about decades-old enigmas. Finally, an official release date for its anime adaptation has been confirmed, heightening anticipation for what’s to come.

Release Date: January 7

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

4. Tsukimichi Moonlit Fantasy Season 2


In the Season 1 finale of “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy,” Makoto faces off against Sofia Bulga, a formidable adventurer, and Mitsurugi, a dragon. These two ally with the demon army aiming to destroy humanity, a scheme Makoto thwarts.

However, this clashes with the plans of the goddess who summoned him, now considering Makoto a rival due to his growing power, a foreboding sign for our hero’s future.

Despite this, Makoto continues nurturing the community he’s built within Tomoe’s dimension, expanding his connections with villagers, traders, and adventurers. His desire to bond with the world’s humans, hindered by the goddess, remains unyielding.

Release Date: January 8

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

3. Shaman King: Flowers


One of the more popular anime series on Netflix right now is the classic Shaman King series. And to even expand on that, Shaman King Flowers is the manga sequel to this original manga series. Although the story remains incomplete due to the cancellation of Shueisha magazine, this new series might change that.

The story follows Asakura Yoh, a relaxed and carefree heir of the influential Asakura Family with shamanic abilities.

He goes on an adventure to enter the Shaman Tournament. This is a special event where shamans gather worldwide to compete for the title of Shaman King and the power of the omnipotent Great Spirit.

Throughout, Yoh forms friendships and rivalries and uncovers the tournament’s real purpose, discovering his ties to Asakura Hao, the favored contender to win.

Release Date: January 9

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

2. Urusei Yatsura (2022) Season 2


Urusei Yatsura is a classic anime series from 1981 that got a remake in 2022. The story follows Ataru Morobische, who is the unluckiest and most lustful young man ever. Ataru randomly becomes the target of a cheerful alien girl after beating her at an interplanetary game of tag.

The alien girl decides that Ataru should be the defender of Earth and play a game of the alien’s national sport, tag. If Ataru wins, then his planet is saved, and if he loses, then the Earth will be destroyed.

This series is incredibly easy to watch, as the plot is very clear from the first episode. This is the kind of anime that you can bingewatch without even noticing.

Release Date: January 11

Where to watch: HIDIVE

1. Bucchigiri?!


Araji Tomobishi finds himself embroiled in intense conflicts upon reuniting with his old friend, Mataka Asamine. During their reunion, a shadow of a colossal demon emerges, adding an air of mystery and tension to their gathering.

Asamine invites Tomobishi to join their faction, engaging in battles against rival gangs for dominance in the city. However, Tomobishi soon realizes the perilous depths of his involvement as they confront lethal adversaries and a coming, mysterious threat.

Director Hiroko Utsumi, renowned for Banana Fish and SK8 Infinity, leads MAPPA in spearheading the creation of this original anime. Collaborating with screenwriter Taku Kishimoto, praised for series like Fruits Basket and Haikyuu, this anime promises an exciting story.

The teaser visual and trailer hint at a gritty atmosphere, showcasing a group of delinquents adorned with tattoos, piercings, and scars. The protagonist, a timid high schooler, reconnects with Asamine, now the formidable leader of the gang, Bucchigiri.

Release Date: January 13

Where to watch: Crunchyroll

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