Naruto World and History

Take a quick tour around the world of Naruto, with all its different cultures and characters...

World Overview

You will find an overview of the world of Naruto below. Naruto has a long history of wars and conflict, even before the villages of today existed.

Naruto map


The world of Naruto is divided in countries, with each country having different hidden villages. The countries are ruled by daimyō, while the villages are ruled by Kage.

The daimyō are mostly depicted as arrogant, self-serving people who are unworthy of ruiling a country. Despite not being shown frequently, they do hold political power as they decide funding and can influence who will become a Kage.

Countries of Naruto

Land of Earth

The land of earth is mostly covered in uninhabited, rocky areas. Its hidden village is the Hidden Stone Village. Most of its shinobi use earth release jutsu.

Land of Fire

The land of fire was the first one to have a hidden village, making Konoha the first of many hidden villages. The land of fire has many famous landmarks such as Hokage Rock and the Valley of the End.

Land of Iron

The Land of Iron is the only country that uses samurai instead of shinobi for their military. Partly because of this, the Land of Iron mostly isolates itself from the other countries.

Land of Lightning

The Land of Lightning has many mountain ranges and thunderstorms, as well as many hot springs and rivers. Its hidden village is the Hidden Cloud Village.

Land of Water

The Land of Water is an archipelago with many of its islands frequently covered in mist. The country has had many civil wars, causing many kekkei genkai to be lost. Its hidden village is the Hidden Mist Village.

Land of Wind

The Land of Wind is a large country, but a vast majority of it is comprised of desert. Most of its villages are near the many oases, including the Hidden Sand Village.

History of War

There have been many wars in the history of Naruto. From small conflicts between clans, to civil wars, to world wars.

Warring states period naruto

Warring States Period

The warring states period was one of the bloodiest and most violent times that we know. Conflicts would break out instantly because the countries were relatively small and there was little diplomacy.

Countries would constantly fight over land and power, and hired shinobi clans to do their fighting. The Uchiha and Senju clan were hired the most, which resulted in a deep rooted hatred between the two clans.

Ironically, the warring states period was brought to an end by these two clans. Their leaders Hashirama and Madara made peace, and eventually created the Hidden Leaf Village.

Hiruzen Danzo first shinobi war

First Shinobi World War

The first world war started some time after Hashirama died, despite his efforts to bring peace between the major countries. The exact reason for the breakout of the war is unknown, but according to Onoki it’s because villages were stealing each others’ resources.

A major event in this war is the death of the second hokage Tobirama Senju. He acted as a decoy so that his subordinates could escape, and appointed Hiruzen Sarutobi to be the third hokage with his final order. It was the Kinkaku Force of the Hidden Cloud that killed Tobirama.

Hanzo second shinobi war

Second Shinobi World War

A second shinobi world war broke out some time during the third hokage’s reign, and it still had a direct influence on many of the characters we know now. The reason for the breakout of the war is unknown as well, but one large aspect of it is that Amegakure was frequently used as a battlefield.

Characters like Nagato, Konan, Jiraiya, Sakumo Hatake and Tsunade were greatly affected by the events of this war. This war was also responsible for the death of Dan and Sasori’s parents.

kakashi obito third shinobi war

Third Shinobi World War

 Due to frequent conflicts between the five great nations and smaller nearby countries, a third world war eventually broke out. This war caused direct trauma to many of our favorite characters like Itachi, Obito and Kakashi.

The events of this war also caused a lot of tension in the years after it, the biggest being the tension between the Uchiha and the Hidden Leaf due to the Uchiha’s not participating in the war. This in turn caused the downfall of the Uchiha.

The initial Akatsuki was also created because of this war, indirectly leading to the death of Hanzō. Other major characters that died in this war are Rin and the Third Raikage.


Tobi fourth shinobi war

Fourth Shinobi World War

This war was waged to finally put an end to all the suffering of the shinobi world, and for the most part it did, although not in the way Obito/Madara intended to. The suffering ended because the five great nations united for the first time in history.

The fourth shinobi world war was different than all other wars because everyone had a common enemy. We wonder how Madara would look at today’s united shinobi world, would he wage war again?

History of Chakra

There was a world before the great nations, even before chakra existed. But how did today’s world come about?

Ōtsutsuki Clan

The Ōtsutsuki Clan is an ancient, otherworldly clan that is (accidentally) responsible for the birth of chakra and shinobi. Their goal is to become true gods by consuming all the life force (chakra) of planets, but their plan to consume Earth didn’t go as planned…

God tree naruto

God Tree

The Ōtsutsuki clan can consume a planet’s chakra by planting a God Tree that worms its roots to every corner of the planet, sucking out all the chakra in its process. However, an Ōtsutsuki member must be fed to its seed before it can truly bloom.

The Ōtsutsuki clan doesn’t travel in pairs to their target planets because they don’t want any of its members to die.  The lower ranked member usually becomes the sacrifice, while the other member makes sure the God Tree blooms succesfully. After this process, the sacrificed Ōtsutsuki gets revived by using Kāma. This is a seal that gets placed on a suitable vessel, and will eventually replace the vessel with the sacrificed Ōtsutsuki.

Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

The Ōtsutsuki that had to be sacrificed on Earth was Kaguya, but she betrayed her partner Isshiki and consumed the chakra fruit herself instead. This gave her an immense power, which she initually used to help a planet Earth she had slowry grown attached to.

She stopped the countless wars between humans by using Infinite Tsukuyomi, which made the population see her as a deity. However, the humans eventually turned on her because she had created an army of white zetsu in fear of getting attacked by her clan members.

Hagoromo Hamura

Hagoromo and Hamura Ōtsutsuki

Kaguya birthed twins: Hagoromo and Hamura. Both of them had inherited their mother’s strong chakra, making them two powerful beings.

Their mother turned on them because of her desire to possess all chakra, forcing them to fight their own mother. Kaguya turned into the Ten-Tails, and her sons sealed this chakra inside Hagoromo. The Ten-Tails’ body was sealed on the moon, with Hamura watching over it.

The birth of chakra

Thus, chakra was born. Hagoromo spread his chakra to others by using a practise he had created: ninshū. The intention was to create peace by connecting humans to one another. However, the humans weaponized this power and created ninjutsu.

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