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Tough, but loving family

Sasuke grew up in the shadow of his older brother Itachi, who was one of the most gifted shinobi of all time. His father gave most of his attention to Itachi, even though Sasuke was remarkably talented as well. Nevertheless, this didn’t stop Sasuke from loving and looking up to his brother.

Itachi also made sure to treat Sasuke in a loving way in the little time they did spend together. At some point, Fugaku (his father) did acknowledge Sasuke and even taught him the Great Fireball Jutsu, but this was around the same time Itachi had been acting more and more distant…

Losing everything

The wound the Uchiha Massacre had left on Sasuke’s heart would keep on bleeding for years. He didn’t just lose everything he loves, he lost it at the hands of the person he loved and adored the most. You’re wondering why, you’re wondering if every laugh you had shared with your brother was a lie, and all the time you’re wondering a hatred inside you grows larger and larger.

Thirst for revenge

There was only one goal, despite his talents and success at the Academy. Sasuke’s soul obsession became avenging his slaughtered clan by killing his brother Itachi. His obsession only became stronger, no matter how much everyone tried to convince him that revenge wasn’t the way. Kakashi in particular, as he too lost everyone precious to him once, but none of it worked.

Seeking power

Sasuke’s loyalty was always in question. Was he loyal to the village or loyal to his obsession? Was he loyal to his comrades or loyal to his quest for power? There were moments where it seemed as if Sasuke finally put his revenge on second place, but in the end he switched sides when he realized how big of a power gap there was between him and Itachi.

Orochimaru had manipulated Sasuke in the best possible way. He made him taste power with the Cursed Seal of Heaven and Earth, and proved to Sasuke that there was more power to obtain at his side.

Learning the truth

It was finally time for Sasuke to find peace after Itachi died at his hands. Instead, more and more hatred arose from this event. Itachi had planned his death almost perfectly, but Obito knowing the truth about him was the only factor he couldn’t foresee.

Obito’s desire was to have Sasuke at his side and use his strength during the Fourth Shinobi World War, and he succeeded. Telling Sasuke the truth about the Uchiha massacre completely erased his loyalty to the Hidden Leaf.

A hearth in darkness

How can you love a village that is responsible for ruining your life and the honor of your brother? A village that has lied to you your entire life? How can they laugh and live in peace at the expense of your clan’s blood? Sasuke’s answer was simple, they should all be punished, and it would be him that dealt out the punishment.

Trying to create a better world

Sasuke would reunite with Itachi once more during the 4th Shinobi World War, and his outlook on life changed in this short period of time. Instead of trying to convince Sasuke that vengeance is wrong, Itachi told his little brother that he would love him no matter what and that he was sorry for the mistakes he’d made. This made Sasuke wonder why Itachi made those decisions, and he determined that the 4 previous hokage could give him the answer.

After learning about the history of both the village and the shinobi world, Sasuke figured that he needed to change the ninja system in order to change the world, and he could do this by becoming hokage.

He believed that he should be solely responsible for making the difficult choices in the world. He would bear the burden of all hatred, just like Itachi had done. Before he could do this, the Kage who had failed to bring peace and the tailed beasts that were too often a source of conflict had to die.

The shadow hokage

Sasuke sought to end the ties to his past life in order to truly become hokage, meaning he had to kill Naruto first. However, after a long fought battle that nearly got both of them killed, Sasuke realized that he was wrong for rejecting his friends for all these years. Naruto was just as important to him as he was to Naruto, and they had more chance together than Sasuke had alone. He would protect Konoha from the shadows while Naruto was hokage.


DLC Takes

Find out Sasuke’s most important traits and character moments below.

Top 3 Jutsu

Sasuke is able to perform a large amount of powerful jutsu. Our list below consists of the jutsu that make Sasuke’s skillset unique, as opposed to simply the most powerful techniques.

3. Amenotejikara

The space-time ninjutsu that allows Sasuke to quickly swap his position with objects or even people. He obtained the ability since in inherited the Rinnegan from Hagoromo. It’s not clear yet if the jutsu is unique to Sasuke or if it’s an advanced technique any Rinnegan can grant you.

sasuke boruto

2. Blaze Release: Susanoo Kagutsuchi

Sasuke’s Mangekyou Sharingan enables him to both cast Amaterasu and manipulate the black flames, creating the nature transformation Blaze Release. This technique is unique to Sasuke, as only he can perform this jutsu. He can also combine blaze release with his Chidori or other jutsu to create more power.

blaze release

1. Indra’s Arrow

This is Sasuke’s strongest technique. He used Indra’s Arrow in his battle with Naruto at the Valley of the End. Despite being a lightning-bases jutsu, it was able to match Naruto’s Six Paths: Ultra-Big Ball Rasenshuriken.

sasuke indra's arrow

Top 3 Most Important Moments

The events below were the most important moments in Sasuke’s life and really defined his character arc.

3. Talking to Itachi and the Past Hokage

Vengeance was all that was on Sasuke’s mind ever since he had lost his clan. Whether it was to kill his brother or to get revenge on Konoha, hatred would always consume him. But his perspective on life changed after talking to Itachi and the previous hokage. He wished to create a better world instead of just seeking revenge, but he was willing to take any action he deemed necessary.

4 Hokage reanimated

2. Battling Naruto a Final Time

His battle against Naruto laid the foundation for his life in the new era. After this battle, Sasuke was finally relieved of all the hatred in his heart. He had found peace at last, and stopped rejecting the people that love him.

Naruto Sasuke no arm

1. Losing his clan

Sasuke had always been a kind and loving child, but experiencing the Uchiha Massacre cursed him with hatred. His older brother Itachi, who he adored and loved more than anyone, had betrayed him and made him lose everything. All of Sasuke’s actions and mistakes were based on the trauma of this event. Even the actions he takes in the new era can be linked to what he experienced during the Uchiha Massacre.

Sasuke uchiha massacre

Top 3 Sasuke Fights

You can find our list of Sasuke’s est 1 on 1 fights below.

3. Sasuke vs Danzō

He was finally eye in eye with the man that was most responsible for the massacre of his clan. It’s the first time we see Sasuke using all the abilities of his Mangekyou Sharingan. It’s also the first fight in a while where Sasuke fights someone we universally despise. No matter how many haneous actions Sasuke did, we could never hate him more dan Danzō

Sasuke danzo

2. Sasuke vs Itachi

Sasuke’s fight against Itachi was one of the most memorable fights of the entire story. The fight had basically been built up since the first time we met Sasuke.

Not only did the fight have great animation and an amazing display of ninjutsu and taijutsu, it also had emotional moments that you’d only get if you knew the brothers’ history together.


1. Sasuke vs Naruto

This fight was arguably the best animated and choreographed fight of the entire anime. There’s sublte moments that show how well Naruto and Sasuke knew each other’s abilities. We also see a scale of jutsu that we’ve never seen before.

Besides the animation and choreography, we also see 2 ideologies clash. We see two best friends who have fought for years fight one last time. This battle is a true  embodiment the central theme of the story. 

sasuke naruto

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