15 Underrated Anime Series You Should Watch Right Now

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Nowadays there are so many great anime series coming out every year with better animation than ever before. But this may lead to that some of the best anime series from an earlier age for example the 90s getting overlooked.

So we made a list for you of some of the best-underrated anime series out there that you have to watch now. Think about some of the classic series from the 90s like Yu Yu Hakusho, all the way to now in 2023.

This list consists of new anime and also anime from an earlier age.

We do this just to keep the list fresh and to also show appreciation for some of the classic anime from many years ago.

Choosing only 15 series for this list of underrated anime series is a very tough and not-so-fun task. However, this does not mean that there are only 15 anime series to choose from, there are so many!

Of course, every anime series is a masterpiece on its own, so enjoy!

Make sure to let us know in the comment section below which anime series you are going to watch next!

15. Akame Ga Kill!


Akame Ga Kill! is an amazing series to binge-watch with only 24 episodes that look to be promising after only the first episode. This anime series is filled with action, emotion, and intense battle scenes.

The characters in Akame Ga Kill! use Imperial Arms in their fights. These are weapons that grant their user a unique and powerful ability.

Akame Ga Kill! follows the story of the teenage boy Tatsumi. He travels with his two dear friends to the Empire’s Capitol to try and earn money for his small village and make a name for himself.

He goes to the Empire’s Capitol, a dark and corrupt kingdom ruled by a ruthless emperor.

This is why there are groups of extraordinary assassins who want to go against the emperor and his oppressive power.

Akame is one of those dangerous assassins. She is a female warrior and also the leader of the assassin group Night Raid.

The members of Night Raid challenge the empire and want to discover the underground secrets also.

Each member has a motive as to why they joined Night Raid. All of the members of Night Raid fight with their own unique Imperial Arms as well.

Tatsumi joins Night Raid as he wants to serve justice and feel important to his friends.

He does not shy away from sacrificing himself for others and wants to pursue a way to make this world better.

14. Baccano


Baccano is one of the best short anime series ever to watch with only 16 episodes. The series has an amazing dub and a fantastic storyline. The story is so well written and interesting that it is amazing everything of it fits under 20 episodes.

It is a very underrated anime series that you definitely should watch today.

Baccano takes place in a mysterious world during the 1930s that follows the story of a diverse group of intriguing characters, each with their own motives and secrets.

Every episode of Baccano plays an important element in the overall plot.

This is because every episode presents you with a different way you view the overall storyline.

On another hand, the story is fast-paced but still okay to follow, even with all the plot twists.

There is a combination of crime, hitman, and chaos involved that leads to a thrilling story.

So you see all of the unexpected connections and relations unravel after the other.

Baccano promises an unforgettable adventure that blends elements of mystery, action, and the supernatural.

13. Your Lie in April


Your Lie in April is one of the most emotional anime series you will ever watch, even kids can watch it too! Their opening song Hikaru Nara is very catchy, and beautiful, and has secret details explaining some of the stories.

Be ready to grab as many tissues as possible, cause you might need them after finishing this beautiful story.

In the fascinating world of “Your Lie in April,” a prodigiously talented pianist boy named Kōsei Arima finds himself trapped in a monotonous existence.

There was a traumatic event that led to Kōsei losing his ability to hear his beautiful piano music whenever he plays.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets a free-spirited violinist, Kaori Miyazono.

She approaches music more freely and uncommonly, unlike Kosei who follows every rule there is.

Kaori breathes new life into Kōsei’s lonely world, inspiring him to rediscover his passion and face his inner struggles.

Your Lie in April explores themes of love, sadness, and the extraordinary power of music.

Brace yourself for a heart-warming and beautifully composed story that will resonate with your soul.

12. Blue Period


Bored with life, popular high schooler Yatora Yaguchi jumps into the beautiful world of art after finding inspiration in a painting.

Enter the fascinating world of “Blue Period. This is a manga masterpiece that dives deep into the transformative journey of a young high school student, Yatora Yaguchi.

Blue Period is a fantastic anime series that you can watch on Netflix that deserves more recognition. Yatora is known for being a great student, but he gets bored and seeks something more meaningful.

He wants to find something that inspires him and that he can feel passionate about.

Yatora feels inspired after an encounter with a breathtaking painting, he now has the courage to explore his hidden passion for art.

What makes anime great is that the events that happen perfectly show what it takes to be an artist. The character development of Yatora is one you should pay close attention to.

Blue Period beautifully portrays the themes of self-discovery, creativity, and the pursuit of one’s true passion.

11. My Home Hero

My Home Hero Anime

My Home Hero is a seinen anime that tells you a story where you see what extraordinary lengths a father would go to protect his family.

Tetsuo Tosu is the protagonist of the My Home Hero series and he has a daughter named Reika.

He one day finds out his daughter is a victim of domestic violence. This pushes Tetsuo to become a reluctant hero and search for the perpetrator.

Tetsuo first suspects the boyfriend of Reika, who is a member of the Yakuza Clan and the son of this mafia group.

The investigation goes on and Tetsuo finds his name Nobuto Matori and his home address.

Tetsuo discovers something that makes his heart quiver and now knows his daughter is in deep danger.

Together with his wife, Tetsuo has to battle against the powers of the Yakuza Clan in order to save and protect his daughter.

10. My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999

My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999 is a great romance anime from Studio Madhouse with 13 episodes only! This is one of the new anime series from 2023 that you can also watch with your girlfriend.

The story of the college girl Akane Kinoshita does not begin well, as her boyfriend ends their relationship because he wants to be with another girl.

Akane now intends to forget about her ex-boyfriend and constructs a plan for this goal.

She comes up with the idea to attend an in-person event from an MMO game they together used to be playing.

This is where something unexpected happens.

Akane runs into one of the legendary gamers of the MMO game, Akito Yamada. She shifts her attention to Akito, a very antisocial and introverted guy.

As a result, the two spend some time together and get to know more about one another.

They notice the small details about each other and experience something they did not expect.

9. Heavenly Delusion

Heavenly Delusion anime

Heavenly Delusion is one of the 2023 Spring anime series you have to watch now.

There are only 13 episodes so you can binge-watch this series in a day.

Heavenly Delusion follows the story of Maru and Kiruko. Around fifteen years ago, human-eating monsters appeared and they wandered around the lands.

This tragedy causes human civilization to panic, and these monsters hunt down the remaining survivors.

However, children receive shelter from a facility that is isolated, and they take care of them in peace.

Some of these children are curious about the world that is out there. While Maru and Kiruko take part in this outside world.

Maru and Kiruko both want to search for Heaven, a special place they both want to visit for their own reasons why.

Maru and Kiroko hope to find all the answers about the cruel things that happened to them in their past.

8. Soul Eater


Soul Eater is a classic 2000s anime from Studio Bones where humans and supernatural beings coexist in a fascinating tale of adventure and self-discovery.

The story begins at the prestigious Death Weapon Meister Academy. This is where students train to become meisters, wielders of sentient weapons known as “Weapons.”

There are three talented student pairs that strive to collect and devour the souls of evil beings to make their weapons evolve into powerful Death Scythes.

However, there is more to this than just ” collecting souls of evil beings”.

Many hidden agendas and personal struggles interfere with this journey.

More beings in this realm pursue more power, which results in many epic fight scenes.

Soul Eater is a unique anime that combines action, humor, a dark theme, and a bit of horror.

7. 86 (Eighty-Six)


There is a war between the Republic of San Magnolia and their neighboring country the Empiria of Giad.

However, the Republic of San Magnolia claims that there are no casualties in this war because both sides use unmanned drones to fight.

This couldn’t be more far from the truth and this claim is just propaganda to protect their actions.

Eighty-Six follows the story of Lena, the female commander of a squad of drones that has the name 86.

At the same time, The Republic of San Magnolia safely lives behind protective walls. But not everyone is treated the same.

There are some who share different appearances than others that are forced to fight against the Empire’s Legion under the command of the Republican “Handlers.”

These people are part of the Eighty-Six, a secret section with a total of 86 people that are a victim of inhuman discrimination.

The main character Vladilena Milizé gets the assignment to be the Spearhead squadron.

She is there to replace the earlier Handler.

Secondly, Vladilena has the notorious Shinei Nouzen as her captain for the Spearhead squadron. Shinei has survived on every squadron he has ever been on.

Will these two along with the Eighty-Six overcome the injustice in their world or will there be more casualties and despair?

6. Mop Psycho 100

Mop Psycho 100 is an anime series produced by Studio Bones that combines shonen, superpowers, and comedy. The story of Mop Psycho revolves around Mop, a kid who is in eight-grade and is a complete introvert.

For example, he does not like to interact and talk with others, he is quiet but mysterious and he specializes in removing evil spirits.

The strength of his supernatural powers comes from the power of his emotions.

In other words, if Mop is his timid self all the time then he is weak, but if he gets pushed to the edge then boy you are in for some trouble.

Of course, there is more to his powers than just this, as the storyline does not only revolve around exorcising evil spirits.

Mop Psycho 100 promises epic fight scenes and endless funny scenes as well as cool characters with a unique art style and animation

5. Oshi No Ko


Oshi No Ko broke some of the most impressive records in anime history,

The opening song of Oshi No Ko titled “IDOL” by Yasobi broke the history books by holding first place in the Billboard Global 200 Excl. US singles chart.

An anime opening song has never reached this international success, truly remarkable. The song has over 214 million views on Youtube currently.

Oshi No Ko is all about the entertainment world of celebrities. Celebrities often portray themselves very differently from the masses.

Ai Hoshino is the protagonist of Oshi No Ko and she is a beloved sixteen-year-old rising popstar of the pop idol group B Komachi.

Yet, after Ai tells her fans she is going to take a break from the group due to health issues, many become worried.

The fanbase of Ai continues to support her. For example one of her fans Gorou Amemiya practices medicine and wishes to meet her.

This wish comes true when Ai enters the hospital where Gorou works, but this comes with a big surprise!

4. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


Katekyo Hitman Reborn follows Tsunayoshi Sawada’s rise from a regular middle school student to a mafia boss.

Tsuna’s life takes a dramatic turn when Reborn, a charismatic hitman, arrives to develop him into the next Vongola Family boss.

Tsuna finds his latent ability and unravels the secrets of his heritage as he goes through tough training and faces formidable enemies. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

With its dynamic characters and plot twists, this action-packed anime combines comedy, friendship, and epic battles.

“Katekyo Hitman Reborn” is a thrilling story of self-discovery, loyalty, and the rise of an underdog into a fearsome force.

3. Trigun


Trigun is a classic sci-fi anime series from the 90s that follows the enigmatic Vash the Stampede.

He is a legendary gunslinger with a bounty of 60 Billion Double Dollars on his head who by accident destroyed a city.

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland called, No Man’s Land, Vash’s journey unfolds as he navigates the line between hero and outlaw.

With a bounty hunter named Meryl and her partner Milly hot on his trail.

Vash’s true nature and incredible marksmanship skills are gradually revealed. He is a humorous and odd gunslinger who isn’t like your typical strong protagonist.

What makes Trigun so amazing is its unique and cool art style and weapon designs, as well as the storyline.

The story continues to present plot twist after plot twists the more episodes you watch.

There is a new version of the Trigun series called Trigun Stampede and it is available to watch in 2023.

2. Hajime no Ippo


Arguably the greatest sports anime series ever, Hajime no Ippo is a fantastic manga series that is popular worldwide. The influence of protagonist Ippo Makunoichi inspires kids and teens all over to be passionate and have discipline in boxing.

Ippo Makunoichi is a bullied teen who one day discovers he has a talent for boxing and decides to go all in.

We see the hardships, matches, and training of Ippo up close as he wants to become a professional boxer.

The beauty of Hajime no Ippo goes beyond that of “only boxing”. This is because Ippo does not endure these training sessions and just to knock his opponents out.

He wants to become the best but he also wants to understand every aspect of boxing and form a bond with his opponents.

When you watch a few episodes of this series, it makes you want to try and become the best version of yourself there ever can be.

1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass-Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass is our #1 pick and it features the protagonist Lelouch Lamperouge who is one of the smartest and most complex anime characters in anime history.

The overall success of Code Geass mainly comes from these things: a compelling and detailed level of worldbuilding, an amazingly cool and intelligent protagonist with a supernatural ability, and a story with changing strategies and multiple plot twists.

Code Geass takes place in a world where three powerful nations control the world. You have the Holy Britannian Empire, the European Union, and the Chinese Federation.

Lelouch vi Britannia was set to be the next prince of Brittania. However, he declined this position after his mother got killed and his little sister Nunnally got severely injured and is in a wheelchair now.

He vows to overthrow the Britannian Empire and avenge his mother and sister. After encountering a mysterious woman C.C., Lelouch gains the power of the Geass.

Lelouch is willing to do anything to accomplish his goal, even use the lives of innocent people or betray his friends.

The Holy Britannian Empire is so powerful that it conquered Japan, stripping the country of ir rights, name, and freedom.

Further, this could only happen because Brittania possesses mecha robots they can use for combat.

Lastly, prepare yourself for a protagonist that uses his soldiers as chess pawns on a battlefield.

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