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Character Overview

A childhood as a monster

Naruto grew up as an orphan who was hated by the majority of his village because of the Nine Tails that was sealed inside him. The constant isolation created feelings of loneliness and a need for acknowledgement of his village. Naruto was always trying to be noticed by the villagers, because he lacked both family and natural talent as a shinobi.

Getting accepted by Iruka

No matter how kind people were to Naruto, people would always see him as the Nine Tailed Fox in the end. Iruka defending Naruto and professing that he sees him as a precious student made Naruto not feel like a monster for the first time in his life. From this moment on he wasn’t alone anymore, and he could grow and develop as a character.

Having comrades and losing his best friend

After being appointed to Team 7, he gained a sensei and new comrades. After various missions and experiences, he also befriended the rest of the genins.

Most importantly, he met Sasuke, a boy who was just as lonely as him. They soon became best friends, even though they never really admitted it to each other. Unfortunately, Sasuke had a goal that was more important to him than friendship or his village, and he abandoned Naruto.

Losing his teacher and learning about the cycle of hatred

The cycle of hatred is a reoccuring theme in the story, and Naruto had to learn about it the hard way by losing his teacher Jiraiya. He had experienced loss and whitnessed this hatred before, but losing Jiraiya made him obsessed with breaking this cycle. Not only because he would save the world this way, but also because it was the key to getting his best friend back.

The hero of Konoha

Pain (Nagato) had killed Jiraiya and destroyed the entire Hidden Leaf Village. The village was even more damaged than during the Nine Tails’ attack.

After Naruto defeated pain and caused every fallen villager to be revived, he was greeted by the village as a hero. His dream to be acknowledged by the village was finally true.

Saving the shinobi world

The entire shinobi world was under attack and Naruto had to grow both in strength and maturity to defeat this threat. He had to learn to rely on others, he had to stick to his ninja way even though his beliefs were challenged, and he had to never stop believing in his dream of becoming hokage in the darkest of times.

The final battle for his best friend

Sasuke had a different idea of what it meant to be hokage, and him and Naruto fought it out to decide who was right. In this battle, it was up to Naruto to convince Sasuke to come back to Konoha and finally admit that he needs a family as well.

After a battle that cost both of them an arm and nearly had them killed, Sasuke admitted defeat for the first time. Sasuke needed Naruto just as Naruto needed him. In the end, Naruto always stayed true to his ninja way and had never abandoned Sasuke. Naruto stayed Sasuke’s best friend no matter what.

The 7th Hokage

Naruto had finally realized his lifelong dream of becoming hokage. New responsibilities came with this title. New responsibilities came with being a father and a husband.

New threats appeared and will appear in the future, but we can be sure that Naruto will have his friends and Sasuke alongside him in every battle.

DLC Takes

You will find our picks for Naruto’s best jutsu, most important moments, and best fight scenes below.

Top 3 Jutsu

3. Shadow Clone Jutsu

The Shadow Clone Jutsu is the first technique we see Naruto learn, and ever since then it has always been at the core of his fighting style. His enourmous chakra amount gives him the ability to summon hundreds of shadow clones without breaking a sweat.

summoning jutsu

2. Nine Tails Chakra Mode

When Naruto learned to control Kurama’s chakra, he immediately became one of the most powerful ninjas of the story. The golden cloak of chakra is iconic and really cemented Naruto as a kage level shinobi. After developing the jutsu and being able to go into full Kurama Mode, Naruto was at a level of his own.

Nine Tails Chakra Mode

1. Rasengan

Even though the jutsu was originally created by his father Minato, the Rasengan is synonymous with Naruto Uzumaki. He really made it his own because of the many variations such as Rasen Shuriken and Planetary Rasengan.

Rasengan is Naruto’s go-to move to defeat an opponent. Every other jutsu is important, but in the end the finishing blow will be from a Rasengan.


Top 3 Moments

The three moments below are the most important moments for Naruto as a character.

3. Getting Accepted By Iruka

Who knows what Naruto would have become if Iruka hadn’t accepted him. He has a kind heart, a loving heart, but these hearts turn dark easily in this story. Obito, Sasuke, Gaara, these are all examples of what Naruto could have become if he did not get the love of Iruka as a child.

Uzumaki Naruto

2. Defeating Pain

Defeating Pain and reviving every killed villager of Konoha finally made the village ‘forgive’ Naruto for the Nine Tails attack that happened years ago. He did not only save the village, but he became the hero of Konoha. His dream of becoming Hokage was closer than ever.

Naruto vs Pain

1. Befriending Kurama

We believe that this is the most important moment for Naruto as a character because it was the final validation he needed for his ‘ninja way’.

After Kurama had confronted Naruto for never even asking for his name, Naruto realized that he had added to the hatred inside of Kurama as well. He had viewed and treated Kurama the same way the village had treated him.

Realizing this forced him to better himself and gain a new perspective on what it truly means to cure the world of hatred.


Top 3 Naruto Fights

3. Naruto vs Isshiki

Naruto’s fight against Isshiki introduced a new mode ‘Baryon Mode’ and was the best fight of the Boruto series. There was tension, emotion, and detailed fighting which is fundamental for any classic Naruto fight.

naruto vs isshiki

2. Naruto vs Pain

Pain vs Naruto was an amazing fight in itself, but the events that build up to this fight is what makes it a classic. The death of both Kakashi and Jiraiya, and the destruction of his village create such tension and drama. Everything is on the line in this fight, and he had to dig deeper than ever to come out victorious.

Naruto vs Pain

1. Naruto vs Sasuke

This fight was bound to happen. So many moments, so many words, so many feelings, everything led to this final battle. This fight had drama, emotion, and some of the best animation we have seen. Every punch, every tehnique, they all carried a story with them. In the end, this fight captivated the entire story: where there is light there will always be darkness, but some lights are strong enough to shine through.

naruto sasuke final battle

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