Naruto is amazing and here’s why! [10 reasons]

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The Naruto Series spoiled us with a lot of amazing Naruto characters, storylines, and teachings. Anime fans all over the world get inspired. Because being part of the Shonen Jump’s Big Three isn’t easy to do and it’s a big compliment to the greatness of the Naruto series.

Naruto does exceptional things that separate itself from other anime. Most importantly, every anime fan in the world should know about Naruto! Masashi Kishimoto’s masterpiece undoubtedly has an impact on any anime fan that experiences the Naruto series.

As fellow otaku we think you should experience this, so here are 10 reasons why we think Naruto is amazing!

10. Storytelling

Chunin Exams

The storyline of the Naruto Series follows a pattern of cause and effect. So for example the (inter) connections of every Naruto character’s personal stories. This is a quality that makes the story very compelling and powerful. In addition, the series creates a realistic perspective for the good and evil sides. You get to understand the ideologies that every hero/villain uses for their actions. The events that take place in the Naruto arcs are pretty remarkable. Each Naruto character presents a different but important role. The story shows the significance of the shinobi, each Naruto character having their own story as well.

A story that begins with a young child much like is very relatable for some. The Naruto arcs all have their influence on one another, making the story easy to follow. Masashi Kishimoto’s writing keeps you on the edge of your seat every time!

9. Villains/Antagonists

Naruto Villain

The Naruto villains are very significant and well thought. Naruto Villains like Orochimaru, Pain, and Madara have their own ideology and philosophy about the shinobi world. Along with this, they have a lesson to teach and an experience to share. For example, the Shippuden villains‘ heir their philosophies, and the ways they cope with their environment. So we get an insight into their view of reality, this is sad as the antagonist’s goals are very deep and realistic.

The villains in Naruto are hailed as one of the best villains in anime. But they are often misunderstood. On top of that, some villains aren’t truly ” evil“, they just try to create a world that they think is the best for all. For example, the ideas of Pain get misinterpreted quite fast, but he is an understanding, caring, and powerful person who truly wants nothing more than peace.

8. Real Life Issues


Facing real-life issues like racism, loneliness and traumas are very hard to deal with. As you watch the show, it portrays issues that we in real life see happening within the world. For example, we get to see and understand real-life psychological disorders in manga/anime. Suicidal thoughts, childhood traumas, narcissism, autism, and social anxiety are examples of the problems shown within the series. This is very realistic, therefore making the show relatable for fans.

Because of this, you get to see the good and bad sides of life. We get to see these characters go through phases we all could experience in life. So life itself is a journey for us all, and struggles are sadly a part of it. This is why Konoha’s will of fire is so impactful for all shinobi. It encourages and unites the people who live by this will.

7. Life Teachings

Naruto Uzumaki family

Naruto’s real strength in writing is the depth of its story and the life lessons within it. The fun and adventure that we experience aren’t the main focus of the story. Because of the complex philosophy and real-life issues, Naruto reflects the rollercoaster of life itself. Every character has some depth, an experience to share, and a lesson to teach. Because of this, Kishimoto impacts his viewers on a more personal level.

Teaching us to about never giving up on our dreams, and holding our dear friends close to us because they are one of the greatest gifts in life. Every character has something to teach a way of impacting people’s lives to a greater extent. Turning your back on your friends to complete a mission is something normal to do in the shinobi world. But Naruto teaches us to never abandon our friends in the time they need you the most.

6. Emotional Appeal

Naruto sad scenes

Naruto is a series that revolves around an age-old question trying to answer the ideal societal structure that’s fair for each person living in it. But in the 700+ chapters, some moments will always have an emotional effect on you. This has a lot to do with the beginning of the series, where we see Naruto being an orphan and having no one in the village even talk to him. Konoha is the main village of the show, and it is actually one of the most morally messed up of all. The issues such as racism, segregation, and even ostracism happen daily. This ensures that many characters face different problems, even at a very young age.

The series affects us by showing personal trauma and struggles that have come about beyond the person’s control. Therefore, watching the show will take you on an emotional trip you will never forget. Death, joy, anger, hatred, grief, fear, happiness. etc. all find their place in the series and are shown in several manners.

5. Character Development

Naruto Characters

Characters develop over time, witnessing a constant and significant change throughout the series. Where in Naruto, the characters all evolve mentally throughout every single event. A lot of side characters like Itachi, Orochimaru, Sakura, Gaara, and Obito go through massive character development. So we really get to see changes in their view of reality, personality, and growth as a person.

The variety of characters is so wide, that anyone could be a fan-favorite. This is one of the main reasons that the Naruto manga/anime is labeled as one of the greatest series ever. Therefore, having so many great characters leads to relatability for fans. You get to see these Naruto characters grow up and trying to obtain their objectives. Naruto has arguably the greatest character development in all of Shonen.

4. Power System


The power system Naruto uses involves chakra and is extremely complex and very thought through. Because there is complexity, does not mean that it’s better than other power systems. But in this case, the complexity allows the story to be as exciting and unpredictable at times. The abilities in Naruto give fluidity to the fight scenes and have boundaries in its use. Chakra circulates inside the body in a pathway system. So when utilized correctly, the chakra can be used to perform a jutsu.

The maximum amount of chakra available from their reserves is called ” Chakra Volume“. There are three major factors of chakra that directly correlate with each property: Chakra reserves, chakra control, and the chakra user. Nature elements also play a role in the power system. In other words, they are the foundation of all elemental ninjutsu. Each element works better/worse when using against a certain element.

3. Fight scenes

Naruto fights

In a ninja world, there are numerous shinobi who mastered the art of ninjutsu. Taijutsu and ninjutsu are used when two ninjas fight each other. Shinobi have the ability to use a lot of different techniques and strategies in battle. Because every Naruto character fights differently, the battles get really intense to watch. So as we see two characters collide, the fights become very creative and unpredictable.

The Chunin Exams arc is an example of when all different kinds of fights/battles happened for the first time. With shinobi from the Hidden Leaf, Sound, Sand, and Rain as participants. Fights of characters like Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, and Rock Lee are fantastic examples of what makes the Chunin Exams so cool. Above all, who wouldn’t want to see their favorite Naruto character clash against someone?

Also, being a stronger ninja does not mean that you automatically win in battle. A shinobi’s intelligence, decision-making, and observing a character’s powers are crucial. These are underrated factors when talking about a shinobi’s power. But these skills are also determinative for the outcome of a fight.

2. Art Style

Masashi Kishimoto

The manga industry is truly breathtaking. Because of the numerous styles, it varies in, and the different way it’s created. Masashi Kishimoto is Naruto’s mangaka, he is ( one of) the most talented manga creator in the world. Because he has such a special art style, Kishimoto is known all over the world. His talent isn’t the thing that has made him a better mangaka.

Persistence, practice, and hard work have made him an even better manga artist. His unique way of using colors in his work perfectly matches the remarkable art style. In Naruto (Shippuden) you might notice that the backgrounds have exceptional detail as well. The town, the buildings, and even the trees. Kishimoto’s work gives you a very ” real” feeling when you experience it.

1. Naruto’s Plot


Naruto’s plot isn’t the hardest to understand, nor is it the best plot of all the manga. But the story is exceptionally great and enjoyable to watch. The plot isn’t very complex, but all the events that happen before it make it so worthwhile. Because of all these amazing moments, new manga and anime fans appreciate Naruto ( Shippuden) even more.

Even Naruto has some plot holes, but every manga/anime has. But we enjoy the plot because we literally see these characters grow up. We get to see a lonely child chase his dreams of becoming the Hokage. However, you get invested in the story and want to learn more about it when you experience it.

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