4th Shinobi World War: 5 Ninja that Should’ve Been Reanimated

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The war in Naruto missed out on a few possible reanimations that could possibly make the story even better. Unlike for example Jiraiya and Danzo, the ninja on this list could in theory be reanimated as there was never a clear reason for why they weren’t, and shinobi in similar conditions did get reanimated.

Izuna Uchiha

Izuna Uchiha

Izuna was Madara’s younger brother , and was the only one besides his brother with a mangekyou sharingan. In his time, he was second to only Madara in his clan, and he fought toe to toe with Hashirama and Tobirama before ultimately getting fatally wounded.

His personality was very similar to that of Madara, so a reanimated Izuna would certainly go along with the eye of the moon plan. This would give Madara and Obito another ally, which could prevent the huge power-ups that were required to make the war more even.

Not only that, but we also never got to see which jutsu Izuna used, and which ocular powers he possessed. Bringing him back to life would be the perfect opportunity to showcase his skill.

Sakumo Hatake

Sakumo Hatake

Konoha’s White Fang was renowned throughout the shinobi world and was even more feared than the Legendary Sannin during his time. Every Naruto fan has wondered just how strong Sakumo had to be, and which jutsu he used.

The only ‘problem’ with reanimating him is that Kakashi and him already had their moment when Kakashi died during the Pain assault on Konoha. Kakashi could finally tell his father that he understood his decision, and forgave him for committing suicide. So, it would be tricky for Kishimoto to do it right and create this cool character moment for Kakashi without repeating what had already happened during their first encounter. All in All, every fan wants to see Sakumo in action.

Fugaku Uchiha

Fugaku uchiha

Many fans forget just how strong Fugaku was. He was seen as one of the most powerful ninja in the Hidden Leaf as a leader of both the Uchiha and the Konoha police force, and there were even rumors of him becoming the Fourth Hokage. It would be great to see what made him so highly regarded as a shinobi.

But Fugaku could do more for the story than just showing his abilities. He could have been a vital part in Sasuke’s character development, as he was someone that was mistreated by Konoha as well. Fugaku was best equipped to understand Sasuke’s hatred for the world, while still understanding him as a person. Because deep down Sasuke was just a lonely boy who needed a family.

However, what would interest us the most is an interaction with Itachi and Fugaku. Just for them to have a moment where they’re father and son, and nothing else matters. One can only imagine how important this would be to Itachi after all he’s been through.

Might Duy

Might Duy

We don’t know much about him other than him being very similar to Guy and Lee in both personality and fighting style. So, in terms of abilities there isn’t much to find out, unlike the other members on this list.

However, it would be nice to see Guy telling his father that he’s proud of him, and Dai seeing that his son became a great ninja despite being bad at ninjutsu. It would also be cool for Dai to see that Guy inspired others like Rock Lee to work hard as well.

Ultimately, reanimating Might Dai could be a fun comic relief from a very serious war arc.

Shisui Uchiha

shisui uchiha sharingan

Shisui is a tricky shinobi to reanimate, as he possesses arguably the most dangerous jutsu of the entire universe. Nonetheless, he is the ninja fans want to see in action the most.

The only confirmed techniques he uses are the body flicker technique and of course the ultimate genjutsu kotoamatsukami. But because of his mangekyou sharingan he could probably use susanoo as well.

The obvious problem with reanimating Shisui is him missing both eyes of course, but since they could find a sharingan for every jinchūriki we can assume they can find some for Shisui as well. But again, this creates more problems. You could not only give him a sharingan, but you could also add Senju cells to his body to enable him to use kotoamatsukami more frequently. Who knows what Kabuto would have done with this power. One thing’s for sure, it would make the story immensely more complicated.

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