8 Amazing Naruto Fights Never Shown on Screen

Off screen naruto fights

Many amazing fights happened in the Naruto universe that we never got to see on screen. Unfortunately, there’s a big chance we will never get to see these fights at all. However, we can still imagine what these fights would look like. So here are our 8 favorite fights that happened off-screen.

Hanzō of the Salamander vs The Legendary Sannin

We only got a glimpse of the fight that earned the Legendary Sannin their name. It has always been a mystery how three of the strongest shinobi in Konoha managed to lose a fight against Hanzō of the Hidden Rain. This doesn’t mean that it should be an easy victory for them, but was Hanzō really that strong, or did other factors play a role as well?

How strong were they at this point in time, and how powerful was this Hanzō compared to his reanimated version? He was a feared ninja after all, it would be amazing to see him fight at full strength. However, the best part of this fight is seeing Tsunade, Orochimaru and Jiraiya fight as a team for the first time.

Mū (second Tsuchikage) vs Gengetsu Hōzuki (Second Mizukage)

A true fight to the death. The only 1v1 battle with two kage to ever take place. This was a battle so intense that it resulted in the death of both these kage. The Fourth Shinboi World War taught us a great deal about the abilities of Mū and Gengetsu. Mū mastered techniques such as the dust release, fission technique (which allows him to split his body in two) and dustless bewildering cover (which makes him invisible), while Gengetsu summons his giant clam, uses the infinite explosion jutsu with his chibi clone, and and has the ability to liquify his body as a member of the Hōzuki Clan.

But it isn’t just their abilities that make this fight interesting, it’s seeing them fight to actually kill each other. When they were reanimated, they both helped the allied shinobi forces a lot by explaining their techniques and giving away their positions. However, in this fight they are looking to kill each other and fight at full strength.

Tobirama vs The Kinkaku Force

Tobirama’s death has been subject to many discussions of Naruto fans. Many suggest that it proves Tobirama wasn’t as strong as his fellow Hokage, while others argue it’s actually proving his strength because he took on twenty S-Rank shinobi by himself.

It would also be very interesting to see Tobirama fight at full strength and showcase his abilities. He was known as the originator of many advanced ninjutsu such as the Flying Thunder God, Shadow Clone Technique and even Edo Tensei.

Unfortunately, the details of this fight remain unknown. The only confirmed member of the Kinkaku force is Kinkaku himself, and although he is strong, he shouldn’t be strong enough to kill the Second Hokage. This is exactly why all Naruto fans must see this fight to end the discussion once and for all.

Sasori vs The Third Kazekage

The Third Kazekage was hailed as the strongest Kazekage of the Hidden Sand, so how exactly could Sasori have beaten him and turn him into a puppet? Keep in mind, a large part of Sasori’s strength we see in the anime actually comes from his ‘favorite puppte’ the Third Kazekage.

Many suggest that Sasori ambushed and poisoned the Third Kazekage, and didn’t actually fight him. However, it is stated that he is Sasori’s favorite puppet because of the effort it took to capture him. Knowing Sasori, it’s hard to imagine him feeling like this over an ambush, but rather because of an actual battle.

Nonetheless, it would be interesting to see just how strong the ‘strongest Kazekage ever’ really was, and just how Sasori managed to kidnap and kill him before turning him into a puppet.

Akatsuki vs Jinchūriki

Many jinchūriki were pretty respected and powerful shinobi. Take Yugito Nii for example, she was a perfect jinchūriki just like Killer B and Naruto, so it should be a difficult task to capture her. Han and Roshi should have been quite powerful as well, as they both used kekkei genkai techniques to fight their enemies.

We’ve seen glimpes of these fights, but never full fight scenes. And let’s be honest, extra fights of any Akatsuki member are always welcome.

Kakuzu vs Hashirama

Even though we don’t believe it should be a difficult fight for Hashirama at all, this fight did in fact happen and Kakuzu managed to stay alive after it. Most fans think that Kakuzu stayed alive because Hashirama let him live, but we don’t think this is plausible. Hashirama was willing to kill anyone to protect Konoha, even his best friend. In Kakuzu’s case, he is a clear threat to Konoha and doesn’t really have any redeeming qualities so it would be more logical to assume Hashirama tried to kill him.

Because of this, this fight immediately becomes more interesting. Hashirama is definitely stronger than Kakuzu, but Kakuzu isn’t someone to take lightly either. Especially since his techniques are so unusual and unpredictable. Perhaps he could surprise Hashirama and catch him off guard.

Shisui vs Danzō

It’s not very clear just how strong Shisui was, but if we just look at his Mangekyou Sharingan alone we can assume he was very powerful. His taijutsu skills were elite as well, as he frequently beat (a younger) Itachi in sparring matches.

In the anime we see that Danzo caught Shisui off-guard with the use of Izanagi and the help of the Anbu forces. This was never confirmed in the manga however, and the scene was too short for it to be called a fight.

It would be underwhelming for Shisui to die in this way as well, as he was a jōnin and one of the most gifted shinobi of all time. He should have been sharper than what was shown in the anime, especially with someone as cunning and powerful as Danzō.

Madara vs Hashirama

The most obvious fight on this list, a death battle between the two strongest ninja of their time. It has everything: the summoning of Kurama, perfect susanoo, Hashirama’s thousand hands technique, but most importantly the emotion of two friends who believe they’re doing the right thing.

This battle was more than a great battle to see, it was a battle for the soul of Konoha. After this fight, the Will of Fire became the definitive ideology of the Hidden Leaf. However, Madara’s ideology still held some truth, as the First Shinobi World War happened shortly after their fight and the Uchiha were mistreated in the Hidden Leaf. This resulted in a cursed shinobi world for many people.

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