My Hero Academia Fourth Movie: Everything You Need To Know

The new fourth movie of the My Hero Academia franchise has officially been announced and confirmed by the creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi. When you look at this poster of Deku, we could see “dark Deku” in this new movie.

All of the events that take place in this upcoming anime movie happen after the Paranormal Liberation War. This war is one of the darkest periods throughout the whole storyline.

The official announcement for the new fourth movie of My Hero Academia came from Weekly Shonen Jump, along with Kohei Horikoshi, the series creator.

Anime fans worldwide just got great news about a new movie, but what about My Hero Academia Season 7? Some fans are actually not quite happy with the announcement, and you might agree with this take:

New My Hero Academia Fourth Movie Teaser Trailer

This is the official announcement video for New My Hero Academia Fourth Movie by Toho Co., Ltd.

Above, you see All Might, Midoriya Izuki, and the other student heroes back in action together.

All of these clips combine events that took place during the three other My Hero Academia movies. Those are, Heroes Rising, Two Heroes, and World Heroes’ Mission.

All of the events in this movie take place after the Paranormal Liberation War from Season 6 of the anime series. The U.A. High School heroes return after all the damage done by All For One and the League of Villains.

Midoriya Deku has undergone quite a few characteristic changes as he almost let himself move in the opposite direction of becoming a hero.

What is the plot for My Hero Academia Movie 4?


Animation Studio Bones and the creator of the series, Kohei Horikoshi, have yet to share information about the upcoming plot for the movie. But we do know that the events of the storyline take place after everything that has happened in Season 6.

The Paranormal Liberation War manga arc got perfect anime adaptations in Season 6. In addition, this was probably the most intense series of episodes and events between heroes and villains. There is a possibility that more information will pop up when the production makes great progress.

As of now, no new information about the plot or release date is available, but the final arc of the manga chapters is still ongoing. So fans have enough for now to enjoy in Weekly Shonen Jump

More updates and news will soon arrive over the course of months, an official release date has not been published yet.

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