Blue Lock Movie: Episode Nagi Releases in 2024

After a long wait for news about the Blue Lock movie, Episode Nagi has been announced, and there is a teaser trailer available. Everything you need to know about the movie, possible release date, and more is down below.

Blue Lock is one of the major successes of sports anime that took the world by storm. This is also thanks to Japan’s performance during the World Cup in 2022. Some goals scored by Japan during the World Cup replicated those of players like Isagi Yoichi in Blue Lock.

The number of manga sales increased to such a high point that it overtook amazing manga series like One Piece and Jujutsu Kaisen. During the period in June 2023, this sports anime series became one of the highest-selling manga series ever.


Season 1 was a major success, and it shed a new light on sports anime series and on football. Many anime fans hope that the second season is as good, or better than the first.

There is more to come besides a second season because now fans can also enjoy the first-ever Blue Lock movie.

Blue Lock Episode Nagi Movie (2024) – Official Teaser Trailer

What is the release date for the Blue Lock Movie?

Blue Lock Movie: Episode Nagi will be released somewhere during Spring 2024. However, an official release date has not been revealed yet. More updates to come.

This teaser does not reveal much, but for now, it shows a bit about who the movie is about. The grey-haired Nagi Seishiro and his friend Reo Mikage are the main characters, both talented football players.

Although the overall plot of the movie is unknown now, we do know because of the title that the main focus is on the super-talented football player Nagi.

We will see more of his journey in Blue Lock and learn more about his past and beliefs. In the anime series, Isagi Yoichi is the main character and we see his journey and growth as a football player.

But in the movie, we get a closer look at how Nagi evolves as a player and continues to strive in games in the academy.

More Information about the movie

The director for the film will be Shunsuke Ishikawa, and the Japanese animation studio ” Eight Bit” will produce the animation. This combination works perfectly because it is the same duo responsible for season 1.

The supervisor is Muneyuki Kaneshiro, who is the manga writer of the series. So everything is in good hands, and an amazing film will be available soon.

Crunchyroll is the place you probably have to look for when trying to watch the movie because the first Blue Lock also was on Crunchyroll.

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