Black Clover Manga Leaves Weekly Shonen Jump for Jump GIGA

The Black Clover manga is officially leaving Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump to continue releasing the final manga chapters in Jump GIGA. So, Jump GIGA only releases every three months, so 4 times per year but it has more pages than Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

Now only one chapter is released every three months, starting from Chapter 368. The Black Clover manga is now entering its final stages as we see Asta’s journey to become the Wizard King.

Yuki Tabata, the author of the Black Clover manga, stated that weekly releases became difficult for him due to personal reasons.

So after talking it over with the editorial department, the decision to leave Weekly Shonen Jump was made.


But many manga readers and fans are afraid that the author’s health might play a role in this decision.

However, Yuki Tabata says that this decision allows him to write even better for the final arc of the Black Clover manga. He feels that this decision, along with the support of his fans, gives him the inspiration he needs.

So now the next release for the next manga chapter will be in winter 2023. This means that Jump Giga publishes four times yearly, one for each season ( winter, autumn, summer, and spring).

Official Statement from Black Clovere Creator Yuki Tabata

Yuki Tabata gave a clarifying statement about leaving Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump and switching to Jump Giga.

The statement concluded that Yuki Tabata wants to succeed the final chapters of the manga best as possible. And due to his personal reasons that Jump Giga is a current better fit. The statement goes as follows:

The official message of Yuki Tabata

“Thank you for your continued support of Black Clover. This will be the final chapter in Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump, and it will be moving to Jump GIGA. The continuation of the story is planned to start this Winter in Jump GIGA. It will be simultaneously published in English on Manga Plus by Shueisha and on the Shonen Jump platform. We will share more details in the coming months. We hope you will all continue to support the series through these changes. Thank you!” 

Fans began to worry because Yuki Tabata was on hiatus before back in May 2023 from the Black Clover series. So this sudden switch from magazine could be an indicator of his declining health.

What are your opinions about Black Clover ending ties with Shonen Jump and switching to a different magazine for its final chapters? Leave a comment down below and let us know your thoughts! Spread the news!

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