The Top 10 Summer Anime In 2022 You Need To Watch

summer 2022 anime

The summer anime 2022 season starts right now, and you have to know where to pay attention to. You can find the list here for the 10 anime you need to watch in the summer of 2022. Further, many new anime comes out during July, as well as other anime that launch new seasons of their series.

Certainly, the most important thing you need to know is which anime is coming out and when you can watch it. Secondly, a few of the upcoming anime also made it on our list of the 30 upcoming anime in 2022. Feel free to check it out and let us know which anime on the list is your favorite!

The 2022 anime season so far is as close to amazing as can be, and it keeps on becoming better. What is your favorite anime of 2022 so far? Comment down below!

Ongoing anime series like Overlord and Classroom of the Elite launch their new season this summer period. Meanwhile, other. shows start their first season in the summer of 2022, such as Uncle From The Other World. There is a lot to cover, but we decided to limit the picks to 10 for you.

However, if you want to see part 2 of The Top 10 Summer Anime In 2022 You Need To Watch, please leave a comment down below!

The Top 10 Summer Anime in 2022 You Need To Watch in Order

10. Orient Season 2: The Battle of Awaji Island.


The return of the Orient anime on Crunchyroll is finally here with the Awajishima Battle arc! Orient is one of the shows that gained a lot of attention because Shinobu Ohtaka writes the story. This is the same writer of Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic.

We expect that there are more episodes in Orient season 2 than in the first season. To clarify, the Awajishima Battle arc is where season 2 focuses and this is currently the longest part of the Orient manga series.

So it makes sense that it takes more episodes to showcase what happens during this Battle of Awaji Island arc.

What is the release date of Orient season 2? The release date for Orient Season 2 is July 11, 2022.

Orient Anime Storyline

The story of Musashi revolves around the protagonist Musashi. He is a 15yearold teenager who lives in Japan, where demons rule over the country. The inhabitants of the country also believe that the demons are the saviors of Japan and that they must work for them because of this.

Musashi wants to open people’s eyes and change the country so he makes a promise to his best friend Kojiro Kanemaki, who also believes in his ideals.

They promise each other to become the mightiest warriors in the world and defeat the demons that rule over their country.

Orient Season 2 Trailer

You see the introduction of the new characters in the new Orient trailer for the 2nd season.

The trailer for the new season is already out, you can find it down here.

9. Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Season 4


July 22nd, 2022 on HIDIVE marks the return of Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? This is the 4th season of this anime so you can expect more new epic moments. You got to watch an adventure anime during the summer of 2022.

The storyline of Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Bell Cranel is the protagonist of this anime and he lives in the city of Orario. This is a city where adventurers pursue monsters in the dungeons. In addition, Bell Cranel also goes to these dangerous dungeons to hunt down the monsters there.

He gets saved by a swordsman in the dungeon, and this swordsman becomes very important to Bell. The swordsman becomes the source of inspiration for Bell to become stronger.

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 of this anime shows you an entertaining storyline of the mysteries of all these dungeons, along with many fun moments. You can find the trailer here.

8. Made in Abyss Season 2: The Golden City Of The Scorching Sun


Made in Abyss returns for its 2nd anime season, the title for the new season is The Golden City Of The Scorching Sun.

What is the release date of Made in Abyss season 2? The new series premieres on July 6th, 2022, and is available for stream on HIDIVE.

The storyline of Made in Abyss

The story takes you on a journey with Riko, she is an orphan girl who dreams of becoming a cave raider. Moreover, Riko’s mother also is a cave raider and Riko aspires to become as great as her mother.

She wants to solve the mysteries of the Abyss, a gigantic cave that leads you deep into the Earth. The Abyss has many different creatures inside of it, and they each hold mysterious relics

Made in Abyss Season 2 Expectations

Made in Abyss season 2 also focuses on the new characters that you meet during the adventures. Many anime fans look forward to this 2nd season.

Riko and her friends continue their adventures in the Abyss, so you can expect many epic moments. Therefore, chances are that the Golden City Of The Scorching Sun arc becomes more popular than in the first season.

Is There a Trailer for Made in Abyss Season 2?

Yes, there is a trailer available for the 2nd season of Made in Abyss! You can find the trailer right here down below.

7. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is a spin-off sci-fi anime series of the Cyberpunk 2077. The announcement of this anime happened back in 2020 but releases this year in the summer of 2022. So what is the release date of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners?

The premier of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is on August 31st and streams on Netflix.

What is the story of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners about?

The storyline of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners starts with the protagonist David. He is a street kid who lives in the high technological metropolis Night City. This city is obsessed with body modification and developing its technology.

So David later meets a girl Lucy, who is a netrunner ( hacker). Lucy introduces David to a new lifestyle where he can be an edgerunner.

What is an edgerunner? The literal explanation of an edgerunner is someone who lives on the edge.

An edgerunner is an individual who associates with hyper-technology and implants cyberware on himself. This cyberware can enhance their abilities and use weapons after the implantation to fight against evil criminals and harmful organizations.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Anime Trailer

The studio responsible for this anime is Studio Trigger. The trailer of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners gives you a glimpse of what is to come. The art style is pretty rare but of very high quality.

Secondly, the director is Hiroyuki Imaishi, known for his work on for example anime such as Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann.

6. Kakegurui Twin


The Kakegurui Twin anime is a spin-off anime series of the Kakegurui series. The infamous MAPPA is the studio responsible for the production of this anime. The 2022 summer anime season must involve a little bit of fun and games, right?

This is a must-watch anime if you like gambling and games of chance. However, Kakegurui fans can expect a different kind of storyline than the one from the Kakegurui series.

Kakegurui Twin Storyline Explained

This series is slightly different from the original Kakegurui anime. For example, Kakegurui Twin focuses on the life of Mary Saotome, the year before Yumeko Jabami got transferred to Hyakkaou Private Academy. There is a social school system at the Hyakkou Private Academy where everything revolves around gambling.

The games can be as easy as a simple rock-paper-scissors game, but with a twist to them. The better you are at these gambling games, the more power you have.

So when does the Kakegurui Twin anime release? Kakegurui Twin releases on August 4, 2022, on Netflix.

Kakegurui Twin Trailer

The Kakegurui Twin trailer explains a lot already about how the class system at Hyakkou Private Academy works. You see some familiar faces but also a lot of new ones. So, there is a lot to discover about these characters and all the gambling games!

5. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2


The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! is a fantasy comedy anime from 2013. This show is finally back with its new anime season in 2022 after nearly 9 years. You can enjoy the adventures and epic moments again of Sadao Maou ( Satan).

The storyline of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! takes you on a journey of adventures with the Demon Lord Satan. He used to live in his home dimension Ente Isla, but gets defeated in a battle and has to escape. Satan then uses a portal to escape and he ends up in a place that for him is unknown, modern-day Japan.

The Demon Lord has no understanding whatsoever of the human world, and the country, he is in. In addition, Satan enters the human world without his demonic powers and now goes by the identity of Sadao Maou.

The Devil tries to adapt to the human world so he becomes a part-time worker at MgRonald’s, a fast-food restaurant. You experience the adventures and fun moments of Satan while working there.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! Season 2 News

The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! anime Season 2 is almost here in the summer of 2022. You get to see the misadventures again of Sadao, Emi Yusa, and lieutenant AShiya. I

n addition, this 2nd season of the anime series presents you with a new character. Her name is Alas Ramus, she is a little girl who is born from an apple. There is also a change of animation studio and director.

Release Date and Trailer of The Devil Is a Part-Timer!!

So, the release date for The Devil Is a Part-Timer!! is July 14th, 2022. You can watch the stream on Crunchyroll. This anime is a perfect fit for you to watch in the summer of 2022. You can find the trailer here down below.

4. Overlord Season 4


The Overlord anime gets another amazing season in 2022 to add to their successful series. Secondly, the Overlord series is highly popular and rated one of the top isekai anime out there. We get to see the new adventures of Ains and others in the upcoming season. Almost 4 years have passed since the ending of Overlord season 3.

The third season of Overlord resulted in the annual war is officially over. In addition, Ains gains control over the E-rantel and becomes the Sorcerer King. He later then founds the Sorcerer Kingdom and wants to continue to build it.

There are of course new characters you get to know better in the new season, make sure to pay attention. The expectation for Overlord Season 4 is that you see more of Ains’ journey to take over the world.

Overlord Season 4 Release Date and New Trailer

Crunchyroll confirms that Overlord Season 4 is added to their summer anime 2022 list. The release date of Overlord Season 4 is July 5, 2022. You already see a lot of drama, battles, and mysterious characters in the new trailer. So this means that this is yet another season of Overlord you can enjoy to the fullest!

3. Classroom of The Elite Season 2


Classroom of the Elite is back with another anime season after 5 years! This is a psychological thriller anime you can watch in a week, it has only 12 episodes. Another amazing this about Classroom of the Elite fans is that this series also gets an adaption for a third season.

So you can mark this anime on your to-watch list this summer. You get to see more of the story of Kiyotaka Ayanokōji with this new season and in the upcoming third season.

What is the release date of Classroom of the Elite season 2? The release date for Classroom of the Elite is July 4th, 2022. So the anime is already premiering on Crunchyroll as of now.

Classroom of the Elite Story

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji is an introverted teenage boy who is pretty quiet and by himself, so he doesn’t excel in making friends. In addition, Kiyotaka rather wants to be alone, as he feels most comfortable then.

However, he is really intelligent and no one in his class can match that. Kiyotaka attends a school where they dump their inferior students together. The class he is in is Class-D, full of persons with different personalities.

Classroom of the Elite Season II Trailer

2. Uncle From Another World

Uncle-from-another world-anime-2022

Uncle From Another World is a new isekai comedy anime you need to watch in the summer of 2022. You can watch this new anime series on Japanese Netflix starting July 6th, 2022. The US and European premiere dates are unknown for now. This is another isekai anime you can watch this summer. So if you appreciate this genre then you enjoy this upcoming series even better.

But what is an isekai anime? Well, it follows a similar structure every time so please read the explanation. In an isekai series, you see the protagonist suddenly transport from their world/universe into a new unknown one. The world they then enter is very different from their previous one, how they get to this new world is also different from every other anime.

Uncle From Another World Storyline

Uncle From Another World follows the story of Takafumi and his uncle Kousuke. The story begins with the middle-aged Kousuke being in a coma for 17 years and suddenly waking up in 2017. He then speaks a language only he seems to understand.

However, this language is completely incomprehensible to Takafumi. In addition, this is because Kousuke was transported to a fantasy world and lived there for 17 years during his coma. Kousuke shows he can wield magical powers from the fantasy world when he wakes up out of his coma.

Nonetheless, they are now in the normal human world so Takafumi has to help Kousuke to adapt to it. Kousuke proves to Takafumi through a magic spell that a lot is going on in the other world his uncle lives in. An adventure from another world and an adventure in the normal world await them both!

Uncle From Another World Trailer

The trailer for Uncle From Another World already tells you some about the story, along with some funny moments. There is always room for laughter and adventure so make sure to enjoy this to the fullest!

1. Fuuto PI


Fuuto Tantei ( Fuuto PI) is the first series on this summer 2022 list that is a detective anime. This is an anime series that is a direct sequel to Kamen Rider W from 2009.

This is the very first ever anime from the Kamen Rider Tokusatsu franchise. Yousuke Kabashima is the director of this anime, he is famous for his work on much popular anime series. Examples, are Detective Conan, Sword Art Online, Naruto, and Saint Seiya.

Fuuto PI Storyline

Fuuto PI starts with the two main characters Raito Philip Sonozaki and Shotaro Hidari. They work for the Narumi Detective Office. The duo has the job as private detectives ( Tantei) at this organization, but they are not your typical detectives. They are actually two detectives in one.

Hidari and Sonozaki can transform into Kamen Rider W, a superhero who fights against the weird creatures Dopants. These creatures are weird monsters who tear down the city of Fuuto, the city where the detectives live.

The release date for Fuuto PI is July 31st, 2022 and you can watch the stream from August on Crunchyroll.

Trailer Fuuto PI

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