One Piece Film Red: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Designs, and more

one piece film red

The One Piece Film: Red marks the 15th movie of the franchise and comes out in 2022. Secondly, the hype around it already shows it has the potential to become the best One Piece movie of all! This film firstly was announced on November 21, 2021. The same date as when One Piece episode 1000 aired, a special moment for anime fans.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece is also responsible for the role of general producer and supervisor for the upcoming movie. Secondly, Goro Taniguchi, the director of the Code Geass series is the director of this One Piece film.

The year 2002 celebrates as the 25th anniversary year of the One Piece manga. One Piece fans already speculated before the 25h anniversary of the manga that Eiichiro Oda would announce something in addition to the 100th manga chapter of the series.

A milestone as it is, and a new movie that comes along with it is worth celebrating. This One Piece movie needs to be on your list of anime to watch in 2022 for sure. This is also the first-ever One Piece movie where Jinbe features as a Straw Hat Crew Member.

Here is everything you need to know about the One Piece Film: Red, read further to learn more!

One- Piece- Film- Red

Is there a Trailer for the One Piece Film: Red?

This is currently the first trailer for the upcoming anime film and it shows that the story involves Shanks. You see his facial scar on the “D” in the film’s title logo. There is also a mysterious new female One Piece character named “Uta” who will have an important role in the story of the film.

Eiichiro Oda stated that he wants to bring in something new with a female villain character, as the previous 4 villains were male characters.

The new key visual of the female character shows that she might be a sky island resident. The girl wears wo-tone red and white hair and is wearing headphones and a colorful oversized jacket.

Eiichiro Oda also indicated that the female villain has some sort of connection to Shanks. This will be further explained in the film. The mysterious girl is confirmed to be Shanks his daughter!

One Piece Film Red Official Trailer

The new and mysterious female character in One Piece Film Red is revealed to be Shanks’ daughter! Her name is Uta and you can see her in this new trailer

The new official trailer starts with Shanks and Uta being together and Shanks telling her ” Uta, even though we are far apart, you will always be my daughter”.

Secondly, the trailer shows a young Uta covered in tears also. We see her later on a live stage being loved by her audience, however, Luffy calls her out while being angered.

What is the storyline of the One Piece Film: Red?

One- Piece- Film-Shanks-

What is the plot of One Piece Film: Red? Well, the complete storyline and plot have not been completely revealed yet by Oda or anyone on the crew. The official One Piece Film: Red website has revealed some new original customer designs of the characters. But no news is published yet regarding the plot.

The film takes place on an island where Utah lives, as she will perform there for the first time in front of other people. Her singing voice is different from her normal voice, she does this to hide her true identity as Shanks’ daughter. The talent of Uta as a singer is described as ” otherworldly”

The Straw Hat Pirates visit the island and are enjoying Uta’s singing. Luffy, later on, learns that Uta is the daughter of his idol Shanks. Therefore, the story goes in a different direction from that point

However, the official trailer of the film reveals that Shanks has an important role. One Piece fans love to always come up with theories about everything so this also accounts for this film. The appearance of Shanks in One Piece is always a surprise. So him appearing in the trailer leaves anime fans in good spirit.

One Piece movies mostly use the same formula when it comes to the storyline. For example, Luffy and others head to a certain event in a certain place. So in this film, The Straw Hat Pirates are to participate in a music festival on a certain island.

Eiichiro Oda revealed that the new female character is linked to Shanks. This could mean that Shanks meets the Straw Hat Pirates on that certain island.

Character Designs of the Strawhat Pirates in the One Piece Film: Red

One- Piece- Film- Red - character- designs

There are 2 different character designs of the Strawhat Pirates revealed as of now. These are drawings from Eiichiro Oda himself and are for you to see on the official website of the film.

The first character drawings for the One Piece Film: Red are called ” Fesitval Costumes”.

These “Festival Costume” drawings from Eiichiro Oda got revealed during the Jump Festa 2022 event. The Straw Hat Pirates wear unique costumes, fitting for the music festival.

Battle Uniforms Designs of the Strawhat Pirates in One Piece Film: Red

These are the “Battle Uniforms” and are also designed by Eiichiro Oda. The character designs of the Strawhat Pirates are a follow-up from the ” Festival Costumes”.

The inspiration for these designs comes from Oda’s taste along with the theme of Rock x pirates. Eiichiro Oda is deeply involved with the One Piece Film, as he is the original author, designer, and overall producer!

You can see the difference in the designs. To clarify, the Strawhat Pirates now are dressed in leather with studs and chains, creating a sense of unity.

Key Visuals of the Strawhat Pirates, and Uta

Here you can see the key visuals of the Strawhat Pirates and the new mysterious female character. The Strawhat Pirates are wearing their ” Battle Uniforms”.

Furthermore, you can see in the background of Uta a meaningful line, that says “Luffy, quit being a pirate,”

Release Date of One Piece Film: Red

What is the release date of the One Piece Film: Red?

The film is officially going to be released on August 6, 2022. The trailer of the movie already revealed the release date.

However, the international release date may differ per country and region. Japanese theaters get to air the movie first before other countries can.

You can expect the film to shock the world, especially because it is the 25th anniversary year of One Piece. Whenever Shanks appears in any part of the One Piece storyline, every fan gets hyped because of his cool character and his mysteriousness to him.

The personnel involved with this film, including Oda are busy making this movie the best one there is yet of the franchise.

Questions about One Piece Film: Red


Who is involved with the production of the One Piece Film: Red?

The trailer of the film reveals that Eiichiro Oda is the original story creator and general producer for the One Piece film. Furthermore, the direction is done by Goro Taniguchi, who is the creator of the “Code Geass” series.

So, is Oda involved with the One Piece Red movie? Yes indeed, and this is actually very special. Eiichiro Oda only operated as a general producer for a One Piece movie once before this movie.

However, he is deeply motivated to make sure this movie becomes a total success. His dedication to this movie surpasses that of the previous projects he worked on.

His role as a general producer shows how greatly involved he is with the project. Having the creator of the Code Geass as a partner is quite exceptional.

Another familiar staff member of the One Piece crew is Tsutomu Kuroiwa. He is the writer for the One Piece Film: Red, and also One Piece: Heart of Gold. The screenplay is done by Tsutomu Kuroiwa, who also did the screenplay for One Piece: Heart of Gold in 2016.

The staff for this upcoming anime movie sure is something you can be happy about. The total crew has not been totally revealed yet.

However, 2022 marks the 25th anniversary of the One Piece franchise, and this movie surely will leave you on the edge of your seats!

Is the storyline of One Piece Film: Red Canon or not Canon?

Another question One Piece fans are asking ” is the upcoming movie canon or not?”

Well, what does that even mean? In anime, when a story is canon it means that the released material is related to the story that is considered “official”, either by the story creator(s) or the audience.

Non-canon anime means that the created released material is not official and does not fit in the original story. So, is the One Piece Film: Red canon or not?

The answer to that is no, Eiichiro Oda,s focus of this movie is for anime fans and One Piece, in particular, to enjoy it to the fullest. So this movie has no ties to the current story of the manga, but some parts of the movie are canon.

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