Dr. Stone Season 4 Anime Returns on October 12

Dr. Stone is without a doubt one of the best and most popular science anime there is today. Until now, there have been three incredible seasons of this anime, but many fans speculate about what will happen next.

This 2023 anime season has been nothing short of amazing, but fans seem to wonder when Season 4 will be released on Crunchyroll. 

Season 4 of Dr. Stone is highly anticipated, as it will feature some of the best story arcs.

Senku and others have many events coming up in their Kingdom of Science, so be ready!

dr stone senku

We have all the information you need and everything you need about Dr. Stone Season 4.

From release date, manga material, plot, voice actors, and more:

Here is everything that you need to know about Dr. Stone Season 4!

Is Dr.Stone Season 4 confirmed?


Many manga chapters from the Dr.Stone series have not been adapted for the anime series. However, season 3 of Dr. Stone ended on June 15th, 2023 and there is more to come. Anime fans worldwide are curious about what happens in the next seasons of Senku and the Kingdom of Science.

Dr.Stone Season 4 is confirmed to air in 2023, you can watch it on Crunchyroll. The production for the anime series is ongoing as we speak, so tune in for a new adventure.

There was also an official Twitter post on the Dr. Stone account about the confirmation of Dr.Stone Season 3 Part 2 after that season ended. This means that you can confirm from the most reliable source by just checking Dr. Stone’s Twitter page.

You can expect a fourth season to happen because the Dr. Stone manga series is still ongoing and not every chapter is adapted yet. As a result, anime fans get to see many upcoming arcs and also new characters and events.

This new season adds even more popularity and hype around this famous anime series. It is only a matter of time before the events of Senku’s adventure in a season get announced.

Dr. Stone Season 4 Release Date

Dr.Stone-Season 4-Senku

The anime adaption for Dr.Stone Season 4 begins on October 12, 2023. There is no official announcement of it yet, but reliable sources confirm this date. We can make certain predictions about the release date of Season 4 based on the previous three seasons

After each of the announcements of the Dr.Stone anime seasons one and two, at least 6 months later was the premier.

So since the beginning of this series in 2018, at least 6 months after the announcements have to pass before a new season airs. Due to more manga chapters to cover, Season 3 took place nine months after the announcement.

The production team at TMS Entertainment works hard to air numerous episodes before 2023 ends. Secondly, after the number of episodes from Season 3, more episodes will air in 20223.

There is also a new trailer for the upcoming season you can check out here below:

The new trailer for Dr. Stone Season 3 Part 2 shows more about the arc of the New World. More episodes will air in comparison to the previous season. This is because there are more than four arcs in the manga series that have yet to air in the anime. For example, the Treasure Island Arc.

Dr. Stone Season 4 Voice Actors


Many characters from the first season will also appear in this fourth season, so these remain the same. However, new characters will appear but their voice actors remain unknown. Secondly

These are all the confirmed cast members for Dr., Stone Season 4:

  • Senku Ishigami (Yuusuke Kobayashi)
  • Taiju Oki (Yusuke Kobayashi)
  • Chrome Dokuro (Men Satou)
  • Kaseki (Manami Numakura)
  • Gen Asagiri (Kengo Kawanishi)
  • Kohaku (Manami Numakur)
  • Suika (Ayumu Murase)
  • Ryusui ( Ryouta Suzuk)

The cast features famous voice actors, Yuusuke Kobayashi for example also voices Arthur Boyle from Fire Force and Subaru Natsuki in Re: Zero. Secondly, Kengo Kawanishi also voices Muichiro Tokito from Demon Slayer and Nahoya Kawata from Tokyo Revengers.

Gen Satou voices Maru from the popular 2023 anime series Heavenly Delusion. And at last, Manami Numakura voices Narberal Gamma from Overlord and Pieck Finger from Attack on Titan.

These are the voice actors for the characters that will reappear in Dr. Stone Season 4:

  • Makoto Furukawa Taiju
  • Ayumu Murase as Ginro
  • Ono Kensho as Ukyo
  • Yasuhiro Mamiya as Magma
  • Atsumi Tanezaki as Nikki
  • Youko Hikasa as Minami
  • Taito Ban as Soyuz
  • Saori Oonishi as Amaryllis
  • Kazuyuki Okitsu as Moz
  • Kaede Hondo as Kirisame

Dr. Stone Season 4 Plot


As we told you above, there are enough manga chapters left to be adapted into the anime series.

There are 5 arcs left in the manga, so that concludes two sagas. Unfortunately, the Dr.Stone manga has ended, so there will be no more adventures after this.

This upcoming season features most presumably The Truth of the Petrification arc. This saga features the South America arc, the New America City arc, the Globetrotting arc, and the New Stone World arc.

There is no certainty about how the final seasons of Dr.Stone end, time will tell us more. Maybe some of the final sagas get adapted into a movie or a new season with a couple of one-hour-long episodes

More updates to come after official information is announced, stay tuned!

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