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Character Overview

Son Gohan is a half-breed Saiyan and the first son of Goku and Chi-Chi. His uncle is Raditz and Gohan is the older brother of Goten. He also has a wife named Videl and they together have a child named Pan.

Being a hybrid Saiyan works in Gohans favor, as half-breed Saiyans are from origin smarter and stronger than the normal Saiyans because of the mixture of human and Saiyan genes together. The name Gohan comes from Goku’s adoptive father Grandpa Gohan. The character of Gohan isn’t like your typical Saiyan it is quite the opposite.

This may have something to do with him being a hybrid Saiyan because humans don’t have a passion for fighting and conquering at all. Gohan lacks that natural passion for fighting, which comes from the pureblood Saiyan warrior race, this is why Goku and Vegeta have this instinct. He just wants to be. a great husband to his wife Videl and a great father to his daughter Pan, while pursuing his dream path of becoming a great student.

However, Gohan showed in many instances that he possesses great power and potential as a Saiyan warrior. And also, Gohan showcases his power preferably only in a life-threatening situation or when his loved ones get hurt. He only wants to fight if he has something to fight for, his potential and power on numerous occasions surpassed that of Goku and Vegeta, who are the strongest Saiyans of the Z fighters.

He does possess some traits of his father. His kind and joyful behavior towards others, providing for his family and friends and showing his kindness to help anyone.

Gohan also has had a special bond with piccolo since he was a baby, their bond grows stronger as Gohan got older to the point where he and Piccolo develop more of a teacher and student relationship. Piccolo is a person that Gohan has great respect for and he feels comfortable enough to ask for advice or help with training at any point in time.

Gohan’s appearance resembles his father a lot because of the similarities such as the body posture, dark hair, and eyes. Gohan also got the Saiyan tail as a kid, like Goku and Vegeta.

What makes Gohan such an interesting Dragon Ball character is his potential as a fighter. He surpasses his father numerous times and even obtained a unique form not accessible to any other Saiyan.
Despite all of this, Gohan still puts the emphasise on his life as a scholar and a family man but he still has this mystery about how great his powers could’ve been if he stays consistent with his training and leans more toward the instinct of his Saiyan warrior race as a fighter.

Information About Gohan

Find out Gohan’s top 3 techniques down below!

Top 3 Techniques

3. Masenko

The Masenko is a technique where the user puts their hand slightly above their head with their palms facing the opponent while the fingers of the user remain in the opposite direction. The user then focuses their ki on the point where their hands thrust forward and they then can charge to release the Masenko.

The color of the energy beam can either be white, orange, or yellow. Gohan learned this technique while training with Piccolo and now uses it in fights as a powerful technique to deal his opponents some serious damage.


Gohan masenko

2. Super Kamehameha

The Super Kamehameha is an evolved and stronger version of the Kamehameha. The technique and everything required for this technique stays the same, so the execution is the same as a normal Kamehameha. There is only a difference in the amount of Ki generated for the technique, as the Super Kamehameha holds more ki thus making it a  more powerful technique.

The energy beam of the Super Kamehameha is bigger because it consists of more Ki. The beam itself is twice as big as the user performing the technique.

Gohan uses this version of the Kamehameha mostly as a finishing move for his opponents, as the user has to pick the right moment to use it because although it’s very powerful, it also takes some time to charge.

To make the attack more powerful, the user has to scream the words “Ka-me-ha-me-HA!!!” slowly and as loud as they can before releasing all the energy.

gohan super kamehameha

1. Father-Son Kamehameha

The Father-Son Kamehameha is the Kamehameha that Gohan used in Super Saiyan 2 form to finish off Final Cell in their battle. Gohan first tries to end his opponent by firing a full-power Super Kamehameha first but still can’t gain the edge over his opponent.

Perfect Cell is troubled by the attack but still overpowers Gohan slightly in their Kamehameha clash until the spirit of Goku appears behind Gohan during this moment.

As shocked as Gohan is, he knows he needs to push as hard as he can to defeat his opponent. This is when Goku screams “Now!!!” and this triggers a deep power inside Gohan as he now pulls his hand way far back during the Kamehameha and puts more of his power into the technique that results in an instantly overwhelming attack that ends his opponent’s life.


gohan father son kamehameha


Gohan has his number of transformations in the Dragon Ball. Series. His first ever transformation begins with the Great Ape when he was a child. He follows this up with the Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2, with him being the first and the youngest Saiyan ever to achieve the Super Saiyan 2 transformation. At last, Gohan develops new transformations only he can achieve with Mystic Gohan and Son Gohan “Beast”.

Read further to learn more about all the transformations of Gohan!

gohan oozaru

Great Ape

The Great Ape ( Ōzaru in Japanese) is a monkey-like beast creature that is ginormous in size.

The only beings that can transform into the Great Ape are Saiyans of Universe 7 when looking at the full moon.

Gohan became a Great Ape when he was a kid, this transformation gives the user a 10x power multiplier.

gohan super saiyan 1

Super Saiyan

Gohan became a Super Saiyan for the first time after long and intense training sessions with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during the Cell Saga.

This moment shows Gohan’s potential yet again as he surpassed all the Saiyans at the time by becoming a Super Saiyan at age 9.

The Super Saiyan transformation makes you 50x more powerful than your base form.

gohan super saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 2

Gohan becoming a Super Saiyan 2 is one of his most iconic moments as a Saiyan as he bursts into a rage moment after his dear friend got killed before his eyes. This triggers the “power of feelings” that Saiyans can use to grow stronger, may it be with anger or sadness.

Gohan then becomes the first and only Saiyan at the time to achieve the Super Saiyan 2 transformation and surpassing everyone and becoming the strongest warrior on Earth.

Super Saiyan 2 gives you a 100x power multiplier

Gohan Mystic

Mystic Gohan

The Mystic Gohan/Ultimate Gohan transformation is a unique form that he achieved after his potential got unlocked by Elder Kaiōshin.

This transformation scales above the Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3 transformations.

As this transformation is more powerful than both of them and it comes without the burden on the body while in this form.



Gohan has some interesting forms throughout the Dragon Ball series. Each form shows some of his character development after the events of a Saga. From being a kid to a promising fighter and also a scholar and a badass warrior from the future.

Find the information here about all the forms of Gohan, and more down below.

kid gohan

Kid Gohan

Kid Gohan as a child was a crybaby at first that was scared of everything. However, he is still the son of Goku and the Saiyan blood runs through his veins.

He shows his courage at times against powerful people like Raditz, Picollo, Nappa, Recoome, Vegeta, and even Frieza. His potential and power as a Saiyan warrior continue to grow as Gohan trains under Piccolo and faces more life-threatening situations.

teen gohan

Teen Gohan

Teen Gohan continues his training with Goku and Piccolo for 3 years straight after the events of the previous Sagas. The young boy is now changed into a powerful ally that can fight with his father and even help his mentor Piccolo when in trouble with the Androids.

He resumes his training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and becomes a Super Saiyan!

The events after this moment helped Gohan reach Super Saiyan 2 and become the most powerful warrior of the Z fighters at the time, even surpassing his father Goku.

adult gohan

Adult Gohan

The character development of Adult Gohan can be said that it’s the most interesting one of all. Seven years have passed since the events of the Cell Saga and Gohan stopped training ever since.
However, he can still fight on par with the likes of Goku and Vegeta who trained non-stop for the past seven years.

He now puts the focus on his studies and school life. Gohan becomes the powerful Saiyan again during the Buu Saga in his Ultimate Gohan transformation after his potential got unlocked by the Old Kai.

However, he does get absorbed against Buutenks because of his carelessness and Gohan then didn’t train again until the events of Dragon Ball Super.

This is when Gohan became so weak he was barely able to turn into a Super Saiyan during Frieza’s army attack. Gohan began his training again with Piccolo to prepare for the Tournament of Power and regains his Mystic form again.

He then proves to be of great worth during the tournament and this version of Gohan shows a glimpse of what he could’ve become way sooner had he remained consistent with training.


Future Gohan

Future Gohan

The fan-favorite of most Dragon Ball fans is Future Gohan. He exists in the alternate timeline where Future Trunks lives.

Future Gohan takes Future Trunks as his disciple and trains him to become stronger to have a better chance at fighting against Android 16 and Android 17.

The timeline where Future Gohan and Future Trunks live is without any of the Z warriors, who got killed by Android 16 and Android 17, and also without Goku because he died from a heart virus.

Goku couldn’t be brought back to life with the Dragon Balls because he died in a natural way. So now the Earth’s protectors are gone and there are only two remaining Saiyans left. The mentality and demeanor of Future Gohan are the total opposite of all the stages of Gohan in the other timeline.

This Gohan is solely focused on training to become stronger, has a more serious and aggressive personality, and doesn’t even think about schoolwork. He dedicates his life to defeating the Androids while mentoring Future Trunks and keeping him safe.

Top 5 Gohan Fights

As one of the most prominent Dragon Ball characters, Gohan has his fair share of memorable fights throughout all the Dragon Ball Sagas.

Gohan went from a scared little kid to a formidable fighter that was the strongest Saiyan on Earth on numerous occasions.
Read further to find out more about the top 5 Gohan fights!

5. Gohan vs Nappa

The fight between Gohan and Nappa happened during the Saiyan Saga in Dragon Ball Z when Nappa and Vegeta came to Earth.

Gohan is 4 years old at this point but still fights along the Z warriors against these foes, and also the Saibamen. Gohan’s power grows immensely because of sadness and anger after he sees his dear mentor Piccolo get killed right in front of him from an attack that was supposed to hit Gohan.

The power level of Gohan rises rapidly after this moment, as he then fires a powerful Masenko at Nappa but it only gives him some damage to his arm.

However, this moment shows a bit of what Gohan can do when fighting seriously and with the desire of killing his opponent.

He gives it his all against the two most powerful Saiyans on the planet after his dad Goku so Gohan deserves respect for it.


gohan vs nappa

4. Gohan vs Lavender

Gohan didn’t take his training seriously after the events of the Majin Buu Saga and this resulted in him becoming a lot weaker and barely able to transform into a Super Saiyan.

The Universe Survival Saga in Dragon Ball Super is where Gohan can shine again against his opponent Lavender from Universe 9.

Gohan hasn’t fought someone in a long time and has to adapt during his battle but the more he fights the stronger he becomes, as he can transform into a Super Saiyan briefly.

Even the gods and angels from other Universes are impressed by his efforts.

However, Gohan can’t maintain this form for long because of his lack of training and because the poisonous attacks from Lavender spread more across his body the longer the fight takes place.

This fight was close from the start and very interesting to watch because Gohan got blinded from the start and showed his fighting spirit and desire to fight at his strength by refusing to take a Senzu Bean when he got hurt.



3. Gohan vs Frieza

This particular moment of Gohan shows his growth as a character and warrior as he keeps fighting Frieza over and over again, even with Frieza transforming into stronger forms each time.

The Z-warrior that fights Frieza the most after Goku on Planet Namek isn’t Vegeta or Piccolo, it’s actually Gohan.

The hidden potential of Gohan got unlocked by the Grand Elder Guru and it’s now time to fight against the Frieza Force. Gohan filled with rage fights Frieza in his second form and attacks Frieza with multiple kicks and punches to the ground where Gohan fires multiple Energy Blasts and even a Masendan.

Vegeta is so baffled by what he sees that he starts to think and ask himself if Gohan is a Super Saiyan.

Gohan also doesn’t hesitate to approach and shows great courage when Frieza is in his third transformation fighting against Piccolo. Gohan at such a young age shows to be fearless at times when it matters most, while also putting up a good fight.



2. Gohan vs Super Buu

Gohan spends his time in the Sacred World of the Kai and becomes the strongest version ever of himself after the Old Kai trains him and unlocks Gohan’s potential. He then achieves the unique form Mystic Gohan, this form puts him past the power of Super Saiyan 2 and Super Saiyan 3.

Super Buu proves to be one of the most dangerous villains of Dragon Ball, as he almost killed everyone on Earth and shows to be too powerful for Goku and Vegeta in Sper Saiyan 2 form.

Ultimate Gohan has a different look to him, both in appearance and character. He does a better job in showing the mentality of a true Saiyan warrior, as he completely dominated Super Buu with his newfound power while not breaking a sweat at all.

However, Gohan gets the short end of the stick when he continues to fight with a cocky attitude while also showing mercy to his dangerous opponent Super Buu. He lets Super Buu absorb Gotenks and now finds himself in a pinch against Buutenks where he stands no chance at all.


gohan vs buu

1. Gohan vs Perfect Cell

This fight between Gohan and Perfect Cell showcases for the first time that Gohan is without a doubt the strongest warrior on Earth and the most powerful Saiyan of all, surpassing both Goku and Vegeta.

The Z warriors have trouble taking down Cell, as nobody can defeat him no matter how hard they try.

This is until Perfect Cell kills Android 16, which triggers the “power of feelings” within Gohan and he becomes the first Saiyan to obtain the Super Saiyan 2 form.

The full power of Gohans ability and potential completely humiliates Perfect Cell as Gohan destroys the Cell Juniors with one punch and later hits Perfect Cell so hard in the gut that he vomits up Android 18.

Their fight comes to the point where they both fire a Full-Power-Kamehameha at each other which has the power to obliterate the solar system.

This is when one of the most iconic moments in Dragon Ball history happens, the Father-Son Kamehameha.

 This powerful attack assisted by Goku results in Gohan destroying every part of Cell, leaving him no chance to regenerate and getting obliterated from existence. 

gohan vs cell

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